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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

California Science Project

2002 Workshops


Topic Place
January 12
Lesson plans Education 2121B
January 26
  Classification Science 3320
February 2
  Oceans and Oceanography Science 3320
February 4-6
    Sea Urchin workshop Sherman Oaks CES
February 9
Aquarium of the Pacific CSUN/Long Beach
February 16
GLATSA Bravo Medical
February 23
Plate Tectoincs Science 3320
February 23
    LACOE Science Olympiad CSUN Campus
March 2
Geology of S.F. Valley CSUN lot G4
March 9
Ecology and human impacts Science 3320
April 6
San Andreas Fault CSUN lot G4
April 13
Earthquakes Science 3320
April 27
Health/Physiology Education 2121B
May 7
  Laboratory robotics Shoshone; USU
May 11
Genetics Science 3320
June 8
Semester Plans Science 3320
June 22
Geology Field trip SC2302
July 13
  Astronomy Science 2211
July 15-August 3
Summer Worskhops  
September 7
Scientific Method Science 2211
Sepetmber 21
Cell Biology Science 2211
October 5
  Earth Science Week Science 2304
October 19
Fast Plants Science 2211
November 2
Measurements/Bouyancy Education 2103
November 16
Los Angeles Science Center Bus from CSUN
December 7
Hands-On Activities Education 2103



Date Content topic Standards addressed Professor
July 15th Evolution Gr. 7 #3a-e Vandergon/Serrano
July 16th Ecology Gr. 6 #5a-e Vandergon/Serrano
July 17th Mitochondria, energy and Enzymes Gr. 7 #1a-f Vandergon/Serrano
July 18th Meiosis and Mendelian Genetics Gr. 7 #2a-e Vandergon/Serrano
July 19th Field Trip to Malibu Lagoon Vandergon/Serrano
July 22nd Sea Urchins Oppenheimer/Kretschmer
July 23rd Sea Urchins con't Oppenheimer/Kretschmer
July 24th Periodic Table Gr. 8 #7a-c Herr/ Kretschmer
July 25th Hands-on Chemistry Activities   Herr/Kretschmer
July 26th Field Trip to the San Andreas Fault   Simila/Kretschmer
July 29th Forces/Motion Gr. 6 #1a-c Simila/Kretschmer
July 30th Plate Tectonics Gr. 6 #1a-c Simila/Kretschmer
July 31st Ocean Floors/ Volcanoes Gr. 6 #1a-c; e-f, 2d Simila/Kretschmer
Aug 1st Earthquakes Gr. 6 #1d-g, #2d Simila/Kretschmer
Aug 2nd Calif Geology and wrap-up Gr. 6 #1d-g, #2d Simila/Kretschmer

The second year of the Eisenhower Project starts October 5, 2002.