WORKSHOP TITLE: Cell Biology: Hands-on Activities, computer simulations, will address content standards for Biology and for Health.

LOCATION: In Science building 2 Rm 2211

WORKSHOP LEADER: Dr. Gini Vandergon

¨ Science Content and Lesson Plans
¨ Discussion of Implementation Plans and Accomplishments
¨ Discussion of future activities
¨ Discussion of campus visits
¨ Building cell models
¨ What type of cell labs can be done in your classrooms

DATE: Saturday, Sept 21st, 2002
TIME: 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
LOCATION: Science 2 RM 2211
STIPEND: $ 120 for Eisenhower teachers

Please note: You may invite colleagues from your school to fulfill part of your project implementation requirements. Although these colleagues will not receive the stipend, they will receive valuable training that they may use in the teaching of science.

Gerry, Gini, Norm