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Domain 10 - Electricity & Magnetism

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Candidates demonstrate an understanding of the foundations of the electricity and magnetism
contained in the Science Content Standards for California Public Schools (1998) as outlined in the
Science Framework for California Public Schools: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve (2002) from
an advanced standpoint. To ensure a rigorous view of electricity and magnetism and their underlying
structures, candidates have a deep conceptual knowledge of the subject matter. Candidates understand
that electric and magnetic phenomena are related. They use knowledge of electricity and magnetism to
explain many practical applications.

a. Describe and provide examples of electrostatic and magnetostatic phenomena
b. Predict charges or poles based on attraction/repulsion observations
c. Build a simple compass and use it to determine direction of magnetic fields, including the Earth’s magnetic field
d. Relate electric currents to magnetic fields and describe the application of these relationships, such as in electromagnets, electric current generators, motors, and transformers
e. Design and interpret simple series and parallel circuits
f. Define and calculate power, voltage differences, current, and resistance in simple circuits
(Science Content Standards for California Public Schools, Grade 4: 1a-g; Grade 9-12,
Physics: 5a-c)