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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Master's Degree in Science Education

Come to CSUN to earn your Credential to:

Teach Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geosciences, & General Science

play movieWhy Teach Science?

Please take a few minutes to listen to what science teachers say. Check out the CSUN Advantage in Science Teacher Preparation!

CSUN offers specialized training for science teachers:

California State University Northridge has one of the largest science education credentialing programs in the state of California. As a result of our size, we are able to offer specialized instruction in the teaching of science, rather than just the generalized teaching methods taught at many institutions. Students enroll in specialized science education courses such as: Methods of Teaching Science, Methods of Teaching Science Lab, Supervised Field Experience in Teaching Science, and Student Teaching in Science. In addition, science credential teachers may substitute Computers in Science Teaching, or Website Development for Science Teachers in lieu of the Computers in Education requirement. All professors hold doctoral degrees and have taught science in secondary schools. All field supervisors have had numerous years of experience as secondary school science teachers.

Science Credentialing Fields

Teachers can earn general science credentials, which allow them to teach their specialization in addition to general science, physical science, life science, and integrated science. Refer to the CTC website for details on the examination requirements. You must pass CSET exams in one or more credentialing fields. We offer Free CSET Preparation Courses in Science and Mathematics!!!

Biology | Chemistry | Physics | Geoscience | Foundation Level Science

Upon completion of coursework and field experiences,the CSUN Credential Office recommends science teacher candidates to the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing for their science credentials.

labApplication to the Program

Students who are interested in earning a science teaching credential should talk with Dr. Norm Herr, the advisor for the science credentialing programs. They should also attend information meetings offered by the Credential Office and submit the appropriate paperwork. A variety of scholarships are available.


Careers in Science Education

There is a strong demand for science teachers in the state of California and throughout the nation. Our records show that during the past 20 years, more than 99% of those completing the credential programs in science have found jobs as science teachers. The demand for science teachers should remain strong despite economic recessions and fiscal cutbacks.

Professional Opportunities & Scholarships