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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Final Examination

The final examination will comprise 40% of your grade. Half of that will come from free response questions, and half from objective questions. The questions are designed to help you think deeply about curricular and instructional leadership for systematic reform.

Free Response Questions (Take-home) 50%

Many of the questions will be generated based upon the wiki contributions or your colleagues. You may discuss the questions freely with your colleagues, but you must compose your own unique responses. You may start composing answers to questions as soon as they are posted. You will submit all work electronically prior to the in-class portion of the exam. There are no length requirements, although most will probably take a couple paragraphs or a page to answer adequately.

Objective Questions (In-class) 50%

The in-class portion of the exam will be a series of objective questions. The multiple choice questions are designed to assess understanding of the issues addressed in class, not memorization of obscure facts and figures.