Science Teaching Series

Internet Resources

I. Developing Scientific Literacy

II. Developing Scientific Reasoning

III. Developing Scientific Understanding

IV. Developing Scientific Problem Solving

V. Developing Scientific Research Skills

VI. Resources for Teaching Science

Text Processing Features: You should master the following skills/commands/processes:

1 Workplace
menu bar
tool bar
2 Document Management
opening documents
saving documents
deleting documents
3 Typing and Revising
selecting text
copying & moving text
editing text
4 Printing documents
file types
selecting printers (chooser)
page setup
5 Character formatting
fonts and points
special characters
editing character formats
6 Paragraph formatting
line spacing
alignment and indentation
7 Styles
style sheets
applying styles
styles vs. manual formatting
8 Layout
paper size, orientation
9 Sections
changing formatting
section breaks
default section settings
10 Long Documents
controlling format
Improving efficiency
11 Finding and replacing
finding and replacing text
finding and replacing formatting
finding & replacing special characters
12 Glossaries
glossary entries
adding glossary entries
managing glossary files
13 Proofing Documents
spell checker
grammar checker
word count
14 Sorting
sort order and sequence
sorting tables
sorting paragraphs
undoing sorts
15 Voice annotations
creating annotations
listening to annotations
editing voice annotations
opening and merging sound files
16 Math calculations
adding figures in columns or rows
performing other math calculations
17 Tables
designing tables
changing table format
18 Columns
creating columns
column types
working with graphics in columns
19 Borders and Shading
applying borders
shading paragraphs and tables
20 Graphics
creating graphics
importing graphics
cropping, scaling graphics
adding borders to graphics
21 Positioning Text & Graphics
aligning frames
22 Numbering Pages
inserting page numbers
adjusting page numbers
tying together chapters
23 Pagination
breaking pages
controlling pagination
24 Viewing documents
normal view
page layout view
print preview view
25 Forms
using tables in a form
creating check boxes
lines & shading
26 File Management
file summary information
find file
recovering lost work
26 Stationery
document templates
revising stationery
28 Outline
creating outlines
organizing outlines
working in existing documents
outline numbering
29 Numbering
numbering lines
numbering paragraphs
30 Indexes & Tables of Contents
table of contents
31 Headers and footers
headers and footers
importing graphics
32 Footnotes
footnote position
customizing footnotes
33 Merging files
data documents (secondary)
main document (primary)
importing data from other documents
34 Labels
formatting labels
merging and printing labels
35 Merged Documents
form letters
fill-in forms
36 Converting File Formats
text (ASCII)
program-specific formatting
37 Exchanging information
publish and subscribe
38 Electronic Mail
opening and sending mail
deleting mail
39 Preferences
setting preferences
customizing preferences
40 Menu Commands
customizing menus
customizing short-cut keys
41 Formulas
text formulas
graphic equation editor