Science Teaching Series

Internet Resources

I. Developing Scientific Literacy

II. Developing Scientific Reasoning

III. Developing Scientific Understanding

IV. Developing Scientific Problem Solving

V. Developing Scientific Research Skills

VI. Resources for Teaching Science

Endorsements of the Sourcebook for Teaching Science

"The Sourcebook for Teaching Science provides specific ways to enhance the curriculum making it relevant, current, and personal to students; it provides specific suggestions for meeting the reform visions central to the National Standards.  It personalizes science in ways that provide real learning as evidenced by student thoughts and actions."

Robert E. Yager, Ph.D.
Science Education Center, University of Iowa

"Norman Herr has compiled the most useful collection of strategies and resources for science teachers at all grade levels that I have encountered in over twenty years of working with K-12 science educators. Organized in a way that makes perfect sense, this volume should be required reading and ownership for those preparing to be science teachers, and for all involved in professional development of science teachers. Science teachers will use and this material over their entire teaching career."

Dr George E. Miller, Department of Chemistry
University of California, Irvine

"Norm Herr has added an extremely useful sourcebook for science teachers and science educators as a companion to his Hands-on Physics Activities and Hands-on Chemistry Activities books. Every science teacher should have all three books at their side."

Harold Pratt
Former President of the National Science Teachers Association
Winner of the Robert H. Carleton Award for National Leadership in Science Education
President, Educational Consultants Inc., Littleton, Colorado

"Dr. Herr is the unique amalgam of encyclopedic science knowledge and pedagogical expertise. The Sourcebook for Teaching Science and accompanying website represent the perfect combination of accessible resources for all things science education; every science educator should own and use this book."

Andrew Stephens
Science Teacher, CALS Early College High School, Los Angeles, California

"Even after many years of teaching science, I can see tremendous benefit for me in using Dr. Herr's new Sourcebook for teaching Science. His book not only provides insight into how to improve my teaching, it also addresses ways students can become much better students. I highly recommend this book for any science teacher."

Konstantine Papadakis
Chemistry and physics teacher, South Pasadena High School. South Pasadena, California

"This book is an excellent resource for every science teacher – it provides both theoretical background and practical applications for science concepts in all four major science areas: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth and Space."

Hedy Moscovici, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Science Teacher Education
California State University -Dominguez Hills

"Science teacher educators and science teachers alike, will find Norm Herr's text a valuable and comprehensive resource for the teaching and learning of science."

Herb Brunkhorst, Ph.D.
Past-President, Association for Science Teacher Education
Chair, Department of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education
California State University, San Bernardino.

"Learning about the mysteries of the Universe can and should be a hands-on, dynamic process of discovery. The Sourcebook for Teaching Science provides a wealth of resources for this journey"

Bruce R. Martini
civil engineer & high school science educator; Boise, Idaho

"Every teacher should receive a copy of the Sourcebook for Science Teaching. It covers the breath and depth of science pedagogy and the companion website is a tremendous resource that complements the activities in the sourcebook. "

David Arias
Science Teacher, Northridge Academy High School, Northridge, California

"The Sourcebook for Teaching Science is an amazing book! It contains more than 230 classroom-ready activities to enhance the teaching and learning of biology, physics, chemistry, and the geosciences. Not only does this book offer specific ways to enhance science but it also provides theoretical background and practical applications for the concepts. This makes it relevant and current for students.

This resource offers new and experienced teachers a variety of strategies and ideas that will enhance their teaching. The sections focus on nurturing scientific literacy, cultivating scientific reasoning, enhancing scientific understanding, developing scientific problem-solving skills, building scientific research skills, and resources for teaching science. This last section summarizes the most important strategies for teaching science, planning lessons, managing the lab process, and implementing standards-based assessments.

Each section offers experiments, demonstrations, illustrations, games, and lessons. These activities, along with key information and lessons to support their implementation, help students develop scientific literacy, problem-solving skills, reasoning abilities, and research skills. A companion website designed by the author provides quickly accessible links to chapter titles in the book along with curricular resources. This book is a “must-have” for any science teacher, whether new or veteran!"

Lori Cirucci
Science teacher review for National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
NSTA Review for Hands-On Physics.

“The Sourcebook is an amazingly complete resource with countless useful ideas, engaging historical perspectives, and abundant illustrations of vital science instructional concepts. This book is a "must read" for everyone interested in high quality science teaching from preservice teachers to veteran science educators.” 

William F. McComas, Ph.D.
Parks Family Professor of Science Education
Director of the Project to Advance Science Education
College of Education and Health Professions
University of Arkansas

"Norman Herr has created a comprehensive sourcebook of strategies for science teachers. Novice and expert teachers alike will view this sourcebook as a valuable tool to guide their practice in today's classroom."

Irene C. Swanson
Director of Science Programs, UCLA
University of California, Los Angeles

"The Sourcebook for Teaching Science is great and very useful for me and my students. It is applicable, and quite simple. A lot of science teaching inspirations are described clearly, and are innovative."

A.K. Prodjosantoso, Ph.D.
Professor, Chemistry Department
Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia

“Dr. Herr’s Sourcebook for Teaching Science is like having a master teacher at your fingertips.  It offers the novice teacher a wealth of knowledge and practical application, and challenges the seasoned professional to identify practices that work, and to cull practices that do not.”

John C. Olson
Science Department Chair
Arroyo Seco Junior High, Valencia CA