Tiered Mentoring Program

The Tiered Mentoring Program (TMP) funds Tiered Mentor Scholars (TMS) to participate in training and mentoring activities in the service of supporting your research in health equity.

  • 15 units of reassigned time over one academic year (please note: you must check with your chair and dean to ensure that you are able to release yourself from teaching)
  • 2 months of summer salary (up to $15,000)
  • $10,000 for a mentor
  • $10,000 for research expenses (research assistant, equipment, supplies, other support)


  • Attend a single 3-hour initial meeting to determine our mutual and individual goals
  • Attend a once a month meeting of RIMI Tiered Mentor Scholars
  • Show progress in the goals you set with the Program Coordinator
  • Attend all RIMI trainings and speakers
  • Work toward publication and grant-writing
  • Work collaboratively with a health equity agency or other research or advocacy group

There are also Tiered Mentor Associates (TMA) who receive 3 units of reassignment in an academic year.  TMA's will develop skills that will allow them to become health equity researchers.  They are expected to attend all RIMI trainings and a monthly meeting of Tiered Mentor Associates.

Tiered Mentor Scholars

Tiered Mentor Associates