TUC North Campus

Faculty-Staff Housing

Pre-construction work has taken longer than originally anticipated. As the project moved through planning and development, some issues arose that required methodical and time consuming analysis. The recent downturn in the housing market and problems in the mortgage industry are creating new challenges. The Southern California housing market has changed dramatically in the last several months and remains highly volatile. Click here for more information on the current housing market and its impact on Devonshire Downs.

Please check back regularly. This website will be updated as the project moves forward. (Last Updated on July 17, 2008)

About North Campus Development Corporation

Established in 1981, the North Campus Development Corporation (NCDC) is a non-profit auxiliary of California State University , Northridge. The primary mission of NCDC is the prudent and integrated development of the sixty-five acres that constitute the University's North Campus, bound by Devonshire Street on the north, Lassen Street on the south, Lindley Avenue on the west and Zelzah Avenue on the east. (North Campus Map)

Under a long-term lease with NCDC, Medtronic/MiniMed Corporation occupies the northern twenty-four acres of North Campus. In addition to leasing North Campus land, Medtronic/MiniMed provides opportunities for joint research projects with University faculty, as well as internships and scholarships for CSUN students.

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