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Group Programs & Classes

Group programs in English and Spanish:

Sexual Assault Awareness Group for Caregivers of Sexually Assaulted Children:

  • In a 12 week group, participants will learn possible signs and symptoms of sexual abuse, how to support sexually abused children and teens, learn ways to reduce future abuse, and linkage to community resources. In English and Spanish. For information, please call our 24-hour support and referral line at (818) 886-0453 or (661) 253-0258. 

Course for Female Survivors of Domestic Violence:

  • This is a 12-week course for women survivors of domestic violence to learn about types of abuse in relationships, the cycle of violence, understanding strategies of perpetrators, red flags of an abusive relationship, myths and realities about domestic violence, safety planning and child protection, and special projects that empower group members. In English and Spanish. For information, contact Delsy Sandoval at (818) 626-3086 x205.

Parenting Courses:

  • An 8-week course on Systematic training for effective parenting (step), which includes understanding your reactions towards your child’s behaviors, understanding beliefs and feelings about children’s misbehaviors, encouraging your child and yourself, listening and knowing how to talk to your child, helping children cooperate, managing difficult behaviors and choosing your approach. In English and Spanish. For information, contact Delsy Sandoval at (818) 626-3086 x205.

Group programs in English:

Adoption Promotion & Support Services Parent/Child Support Group:

  • This ongoing support group is open to all parents and family members of adopted and foster children. Parents come together for mutual support and encouragement; to exchange information and learn about the impact of adoption on child development; celebrate the joys and triumphs; and find understanding and solutions to struggles encountered when caring for adopted and foster children. For more information and questions, contact a counselor at (818) 626-3086, extension 302 or 318.