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Updated 7/20/17


  • The Botanic Garden will be closed on Monday, September 4th, in observance of the Labor Day holiday.

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    Water-Wise Ways for the Home Garden
    Saturday, August 19, 9 - 11 a.m.
    Wade Andersek, Green Media Creations

  • Although Governor Brown declared an end to the drought emergency in April, water continues to be a limited resource, and water conservation is becoming a way of life in southern California. Knowing that up to 70% of residential water is used for landscaping, informed homeowners seek efficient irrigation methods to minimize water waste and lower their household water bills. Of the many types of irrigation systems, which are the most water-efficient, and which work best in southern California? What are cisterns, bubblers, rotors, and smart controllers and what are the best strategies to using them? Which LA DWP or MWD rebates are available to help with the cost of upgrading to these irrigation systems? Alternatively, how can the home gardener use an existing irrigation system more efficiently? Come to our CSUN-al Gardening class and find out!

    Wade Andersek is an instructor with Green Media Creations. He leads classes on California Friendly Landscape Training and Residential Turf Removal Training for the Metropolitan Water District and is eager to share his expertise on water-saving methods for the home garden.

  • Registration for the free class is required. Please E-mail botanicgarden@csun.edu to request a space in the class or for more information. Driving and parking instructions, as well as the class meeting location, will be sent upon registration.

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