PurposeScroll About ARF

Who we are:

            CSUN’s Association of Retired Faculty (ARF), which began in 1985 with a membership of about 30, now has around 275 members and is one of the largest and most active of the CSU campus retired faculty organizations.

            ARF’s regular events include five afternoon speakers each year, a banquet in January, a field trip in April, a graduate student awards luncheon in May, and a picnic in June.  ARF members also enjoy a variety of ongoing interest groups.  The quarterly newsletter, ARF Notes, includes news about ARF, CSUN, and recent activities of the members.

            ARF is especially proud of its ongoing financial support of CSUN graduate students.  In memory of deceased colleagues, the ARF Memorial Graduate Project Awards are awarded annually to three or four CSUN graduate students in recognition of their outstanding scholarship and research.  And ARF also administers the annual Phil and Shirley Hansen Scholarships for graduate students in the College of Education.


The purposes of ARF are:

            1. To secure and enhance the status, rights, and privileges of the retired faculty of California State University, Northridge.

            2. To encourage those in a retired status to carry on their scholarly endeavors as contributing members of the academic community.


            3. To contribute to the University in its mission by providing research and scholarship funds and endeavors by whatever additional means the Association may determine.

            4. To help full-time faculty prepare for retirement and to help new retirees adjust to their new status and careers.

            5. To provide for the general welfare of faculty in retired status.