FlowersDeceased In Memoriam

ARF Memorial List with Departments

Unknown Richard Coleman Psychology
  John Coyle
  Oliver Evans English
  Adolfo Halty-Dube Drama
  Del Nix  
  James C. Smith  
  Phil Smith  
1963 James Morgan Drama
1968 Herbert Kamins Philosophy
  Delmar T. Oviatt President
  Robert Rainey Psychology
1973 James F. McRaith Marketing  
1974 John Turk Saunders Philosophy
  Frances Senescu English
1976 Rudolf Siegmund Meyerstein Foreign Languages and Literature
  Richard "Dick" Pickett Engineering
  F. Lynwood Wren Mathematics
1977 William Rabe Management
1978 Roy V. Peel Political Science
1981 Don Anderson Accounting and Information Systems
1983 Violetta Gutierrez Foreign Languages and Literature
  George Harness Engineering
  Irving Taylor Psychology
1984 Eva Latif English
  Ben Pedrotti Economics
  Ruth Roche Elementary Education
1985 Bernard Aschbacher Accounting
  Kian Kam Library
  Ihor Prodaniuk Foreign Languages and Literature
  Al Wright Accounting and Information Systems
1986 Irving Block Art-General Studies
  Erling Erlandson Journalism
  John Gowan Educational Psychology
  Sybil Richardson Education
1987 Ching Liang Physics and Astronomy
  Irma Middup Art-General Studies
  Robert Niece Art-General Studies
  Ann Stanford-White English
1988 Merle Bartlett Librarian
  Donald Henze Philosophy
  Marjory Joseph Family and Consumer Sciences
  Raymond Julian Education
  James Steel Smith English Richard Vogler
1989 Glenn Arnett Kinesiology
  Prudence Bostwick Education
  Lola Case Office Administration and Business Education
  Rena Vassar History
1990 Claude Cook Health Science
  William Kasza Art-General Studies
  George Lefevre Biology
  Lincoln Leung Accounting and Information Systems
  Bob McNutt Business Law
  Esther Shaw Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
1991 Marvin Cantor Biology
  Mitchell Marcus English
  William McDonald Engineering
  Malvika Patel Economics
  Curtis Stevens Counseling Center
  William Wilsoncroft Psychology
1992 Doris Brewer Radio-TV-Film
  Don Call Accounting and Information Systems
  Max Klingbeil Secondary Education
  Stanley McElderry Library
  Agia Meleka Management
  Jerome Richfield Philosophy
  Lola Sadlo Recreation and Leisure Studies
  John Stafford English
  Ezra Wyeth Educational Psychology
1993 Max Astrachan Management Science
  Helen Fielstra Elementary Education
  Robert Ravicz Anthropology
  Eleanor Russell Music
  Robert Wienpahl Music
1994 Dudley Blake Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
  Hans Burkhardt Art-2D Medium
  Dorothea Extence Office Administration and Business Education
  George Hawkes Accounting and Information Systems
  Earl Segal Biology
  Ann Stitt Kinesiology
1995 Arthur Marion Education Psychology
  Michael Emory Journalism
  Phyllis Shaffer Counseling
1996 Donald Bianchi Biology
  Henry Brompton Political Science
  Ray Jones Educational Administration and Supervision and Higher Education Center on Deafness
  Helen Kennedy Education
  Henry Klostergaard Chemistry
  Tung-Ming Lee Engineering
  Emil Lucki History
  Annamarie Peterson Marley English
  Dick O'Connell Psychology
  George Skapski Music
  Laurence Young Kinesiology
1997 Ken Devol Journalism
  Richard Friedman Economics
  William Karush Mathematics
  Virgil Metzler Engineering
  Albert Pierce Sociology
  Tom Tramel Art-3D Medium
1998 Martha Brockman Education
  Maurice Colwell Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
  Fred Gruenberger Accounting and Information Systems
  Ruth Halpert Educational Psychology
  Mamoru Iga Sociology
  James Johnstone Educational Administration and Supervision and Higher Education
  Talmage Morash Recreation and Leisure Studies
  Roxie Morris Health Science
  Keith Morton Anthropology
  Ruth Neve Financial Aid
  Arthur Nieminsky Accounting and Information Systems
  Elizabeth Parham Music
  Frank Potter Geological Sciences
  Rolland Reeve Communication Disorders
  Raymond Rydell History
1999 Robert Belknap Education
  Arnold Court Geography
  Joan Dahl Management
  Harriet Easley Education
  Albert Fries Office Administration and Business Education
  Wallace Graves English
  David Henderson Geography
  Anthony LaBue Education
  Benjamin Saltman English
  Gladys Stevenson Family and Consumer Sciences
2000 Ralph Baccash Foreign Language and Literature
  Peter Bellinger Biology
  Richard Blakeslee English
  Louis Breternitz Education
  James Burnell Library
  Rosalie Liggitt Music
  Maria Maginnis Education Psychology
  Sidney Salkow Radio-TV-Film
  Myron Sandler Music
  George Watto Office Administration and Business Education
2001 Dorothy Blackman Family and Consumer Sciences
  Helen Brajkovich Health Science
  Elmer Eason Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
  Seymour Eiseman Health Sciences
  Howard Fleming History
  Lennin Glass Health Sciences
  Gotety Krishnamurty Health Sciences
  Robert Lamb Geography
  Lester Nypan Engineering
  Donald Potts Mathematics
  Richard Thiel Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
  Bernard Thorsell Sociology
  Earl Wallis Kinesiology
2002 Robert Roberts English
  David Bidna Secondary Education
  James Brock Theatre
  Ralph Evans Art-3D Medium
  Sheldon Harris History
  Robert Hoffpauir Geography
  Robert Horn Political Science
  Bela Lengyel Physics and Astronomy
  Robert M. Newcomb Geography
  Tom Reilly Journalism
  Mary Sciacca-Price Library
  Shirley Teeter Management
  Lisle Wenberg Library (Google says 2001)
2003 Ben Brady Radio-TV-Film
  Jack Byrom Educational Psychology
  Stratton Caldwell Kinesiology
  John Carlson Elementary Education
  William Cullum Kinesiology
  Harry Finestone English
  Molly Gorelick Family and Consumer Sciences
  C. L. Ham Economics
  John Kudrna Educational Administration and Supervision and Higher Education
  Charles Lynch Radio-TV-Film
  Roscoe Miller Management Science
  Jerry Smith Management Science
  Peter Weigand Geology
2004 Lawrence Christianson Music
  Frank del Olmo Journalism
  Carmelo Gariano Foreign Languages and Literature
  Jim Krahl
  William Kramer Religious Studies
  Al Leininger Accounting and Information Systems
  Willam A. "Bill" Lerz Auxiliary Projects Manager
  Richard W. Lid English
  Kit Machado Political Science
  Fred McMahon Communication Studies
  Lowell Noonan Political Science
  John Portera Foreign Languages and Literature
  Lenore Sorenson Art
  Del Stelck History
  Susan Wasserman Elementary Education
2005 Naomi Berger-Davidson Management
  Elizabeth Brady Education Psychology
  John F. Gaines Geography
  Edward Konold Educational Leadership/Policy
  Paul Kravagna Art-General Studies
  Gale Larsen English
  Charles Mudd Communication Studies
  June Newkirk Special Education
  Ralph Prator Education
  Marin Pundeff History
  Mahmood Qureshi Accounting and Information Systems
  Herb Spiro Finance Real Estate and Insurance
  Ann Stasch Family and Consumer Sciences
2006 Vern Bullough History
  John Guarrera Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Phillip Hansen Special Education
  Elizabeth Hone Education
  Henry Munn Marketing
  George Q. Rich III Kinesiology
  Lydia Savedoff Chemistry
  Henry Van Slooten English
  Donald E. Sudlow Art-General Studies
  Bob Winslow Leisure Studies and Recreation
2007 Mort Auerbach Political Science
  Anatol (Ted) Balbach Economics
  Mary Bennett Health Science
  Leonard Berkowitz Music
  James Cleary Communication Studies
  Mary G Doman Foreign Languages and Literature
  Earle Field History
  Harriet Foster Counseling Center
  Loren Grey Educational Psychology and Counseling
  Allan Gutstadt Geology
  Donald Lahr Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
  Liyun Liu Biology
  Warner Masters Business and Administrative Affairs
  Mary McEdwards Communication Studies
  Wayne McIntire Educational Administration and Supervision and Higher Education
  Ruth Segel Psychology
  Virginia Sherman Library
  Wilfred "Bill" Sutton Health Science
  Isabelle Walker Leisure Studies and Recreation
2008 E. S. "Stan" Gillespie Engineering
  Harry R. Highkin Biology
  Ants Leps Cinema and TV Arts
  Charles Manley Educational Administration and Supervision and Higher Education
  Ellen A. McFadden Health Science
  Tom Mincer Mechanical Engineering
  Henry B. Niles II Business Law
  Charles Sanders Engineering
  Lawrence Schneider Journalism
  Ralph Segalman Sociology
  Bill Schlosser Art
  Andrew Starrett Biology
  Irving Streimer Psychology
  Stephen Walton Physics and Astronomy
  Clifton Winn Education
  Dolores Yonker Art
2009 Tony Arthur English
  Earl Bogdanoff Sociology
  Mary Jane Evans Theatre
  Lawrence R. Fleischer Deaf Studies
  Joseph Brandon Ford Sociology
  John Hannah Art-2D Media
  Bess Hawes Anthropology A
  Anne Heath Art-General Studies
  Charles Kaplan English
  Willy Prochazka Foreign Languages and Literature
  Pauline Schatz Family and Consumer Sciences (CSULA)
  Shirlene Soto Chicano Studies
  Stanton L. Teal Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  Paul Walker Business Law and Journalism
2010 Alan Armer Cinema and TV Arts
  Karin Duran Library
  Ida N. Halperin Foreign Languages and Literature
  Lesley Johnstone English
  Grace E. Lee Special Education
  Yvonne Lofthouse Elementary Education
  Jagdish Prabhakar Engineering
  James Roberts Civil and Manufacturing Engineering
  Lydia Schneider Academic Planning
  Norman Tanis Library
2011 Willard Bellman Theatre
  Barbara Boyd National Center on Deafness
  Joseph Buchwald Finance
  Crerar Douglas Religious Studies
  June Downing Special Education
  Byrne Fernelius Leisure Studies and Recreation
  Alvin Ford Foreign Languages and Literature
  Julie Gardner Communication Disorders
  Helmut Haeussler History
  Howard Happ Religious Studies
  Felix Jumonville Kinesiology
  Allen Martin Family and Consumer Sciences
  Mortimer Moore Physics and Astronomy
  Samuel Moss Psychology
  Ron Purcell Music
  Merwin "Gene" Soyster Secondary Education
  Brenda Timmerman Computer Science
2012 Thomas Bader History
  Donald Bleich Finance
  Nick Breit Kinesiology
  Richard Campbell Family and Consumer Sciences
  Peter Fischer Geological Sciences
  Phil Hernandez Education
  Edward Hriber Engineering
  Jerome M. "Jerry" Jacobs Journalism
  Mack Johnson Biology
  Leon King Financial Aid
  John Kontogiannis Biology
  Roger Moss Psychology
  Carl Olsen Chemistry
  Samuel Pinneau Psychology
  Rosentene Purnell Africana Studies
  Bill Rivers Engineering
  David Scott Music
2013 Pete Accardy Kinesiology
  David Benson Kinesiology
  Darrick Danta Geography
  Charles Carlton Linguistics
  William Freeman Communication Studies
  Eugene Fritsche Geological Sciences
  Gregory Jackson Educational Psychology
  Mary Lou Reilly Knoblauch Music
  Gordon Lewthwaite Geography
  Gerry Luethy Family and Consumer Sciences
  Roberta Madison Health Sciences
  Gerald H. Meaker History
  Morris Schonbach History
  Daniel Sedey Philosophy
  Stanley Singer Counseling Center
  Lawrence Stewart English
  Christine H. Smith Family and Consumer Sciences
  Owen Smith Theatre
  Richard Swade Biology
  Paul Tomasek Biology
  Clarence Wiggins Music
  Robert "Red" Williams Student Affairs
  Mary Woodley Library
2014 Edwin Bartenstein Accounting and Information Systems
  Jim Bracy Sociology
  Susanne Collier-Lakeman English
  Robert E. Dear Psychology
  Oscar DeShields Management
  Eve Finestone English
  Lary Gibson English
  Robert Henderson Mathematics
  Hillary S Hertzog Elementary Education
  DeWayne B. Johnson Journalism
  Marvin Klotz English
  Jonathan Lindsay Mathematics
  Joanna McKenzie Secondary Education
  Phillip M. Munroe Kinesiology
  Nathan "Nate" Murillo Counseling Center
  Leroy Nyquist Chemistry
  Robert T. Oliphant English
  Charlotte Oyer Library
  Richard Lyle Potter Biology
  Robert Franklin Reid III English
  Todd Reinstein Accounting and Information Systems
  Ginter Trybus Computer Science
  Muriel Wright Mathematics T
  Thomas E. Wright English
  Lewis Yablonsky Sociology
2015 Rose Bromwich Education Psychology
  Lynne Cook Special Education
  Kevin Daly Biology
  Jean Daniels Sociology
  Raymond A. Davidson Engineering
  Doris Dennis Counseling Center
  Shane Frehlich Kinesiology
  Joseph Hajdu Chemistry
  William "Bill" Huling Counseling Center
  Gloria Lothrop History
  Charles Macune History
  Evalyn Michaelson Anthropology
  Leonard Pitt History
  Micheline Sakharoff Foreign Languages and Literature
  Manley Witten Journalism
2016 Joan Baca Foreign Languages and Literature
  Joyce Brotsky Psychology
  S. Francis Camilleri Sociology
  George Richards Cannon Business Administration
  Amy Denissen Sociology
  Ruth Horgan Computer Science
  Melvin Lifson Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
  Gloria Lothrop History
  Max Lupul Marketing
  Frank McGinnis Music
  Edmund Peckham Student Affairs
  Don Raun Accounting and Information Systems
  Jennifer Romack Kinesiology
  Joseph Schieffer Secondary Education
  Ruth Schrier Art-General Studies
  Alfred Slor Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Stan Summers Psychology
  Margaret Thompson Educational Psychology
  Irene Thorsell Library
  Lee Velardi Art
2017 Charles Bearchell Marketing
  George Biriuk Mathematics
  William Emboden, Jr. Biology
  Richard Ehrgott Civil Engineering
  Abe Feinberg Systems and Operation Management
  Louise Grindstaff Secondary Education
  Phil Handler English
  Sharlene Katz Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Carol Kelly Child and Adolescent Development
  Joseph Launie Finance, Real Estate, and Insurance
  C. T. Lin Mechanical Engineering
  Christie Logan Communication Studies
  Ray McHugh Secondary Education
  Lillian Palmer Instructional Media
  Gloria Reid Communication Disorders & Sciences
  Ron Schaffer History
  Sidney Schwartz Mechanical Engineering
  Margaret (Peggy) Steiner Physical Plant Management
2018 Rita Basta Mathematics
  Betty J. Bailey Family and Consumer Affairs
  Van Dyk Buchanan Elementary Education
  John Bullaro Recreation and Tourism Management
  F. Harold Giedt University Counseling Services
  Joyce Hagen Special Education
  Don Kirchner Marketing
  Ray Landis Mechanical Engineering
  Jerry Leudders Music
  James Sefton History
  Malcolm O. Sillars Speech and Communication
  Nora Weckler Psychology
2019 Jay Berger Finance, Financial Planning, & Insurance
  Veronica Elias Sociology
  John T. Fodor Health Sciences
  Fred Kuretski Cinema and Television Arts
  Warren Wedin English