Social Cuisine Club of ARF

The Social Cuisine Club of ARF consists of two groups dedicated to the enjoyment of casual dining and/0r lunching in the company of friends, often discovering in the process overlooked epicurean gems. Once each month the group explores a different restaurant, mostly in the SF Valley but on occasion in a community over the hill. The agenda? Enjoy a meal together, perhaps sample some exotic foods, taste a bit of wine, engage in stimulating conversation, and if the opportunity avails itself, continue the conversation at a member's home nearby.

Responsibility for selecting venues and dates rotates among group members. When dining, each participant tracks items he or she orders, determines tax and tip from a provided table, and passes his or her share of the bill to the host; the host picks up the tab. Attendance at events typically ranges from 15 to 25.

To receive email notification of future DINNER outings, contact Jim Dole.
To be put on the LUNCH outings mailing list, contactJoyce Linden

Click here to see what we look like after a pleasing meal consumed at one of our larger turnouts (well over Jim's estimate)..

ARFers gathered around four tables in the patio garden room of the L'Affair restaurant in Mission Hills. The room was softly lit, the music subdued. Friends greeted each other and chatted over a glass of wine or other refreshments while waiting for delicious dinners served at a leisurely pace by friendly attendants. The French onion soup au gratin was definitely a favorite appetizer. L'Affair's chef/owner, Michel, offered a nicely balanced menu with a selection of chicken, pork, beef and fish entrees, all with delicate, smooth French sauces. A Linguini Ratatouille was offered as a vegetarian choice. The two desserts, Profiteroles au Caramel and Flan a la Vanille et au Caramel were very much appreciated by those with a sweet tooth. Bonnie Flaherty says, "the filet mignon was melt-in-your-mouth good, but the company of good conversationalists is always the best part of such gatherings," and Margaret Vernallis thought that L'Affair was an ideal location. Dorena Knepper and Earl Weiss had a great evening and appreciated the good food. They liked the group photo, considering it the icing on the cake and a wonderful SCCARF memory. Charles Macune sums up the event and the evening beautifully: "SCCARF complements creatively and quite naturally the entire mission and purpose of ARF…. it provides us an important setting to enlarge our network of collegial friends beyond the department boundaries which have usually dominated our daily professional activities at CSUN." (Raymonde Motil)

The Lunch Group
Five members of the ARF Lunch Group met Monday, 11/17 at Shik Do Rak. We were supposed to meet at a Korean Restaurant in Van Nuys, but after googling Duk Su Jang, I became nervous because reviews were so mixed.
Pat Murray was the only member to experiment with monkfish in a broth with other sea creatures and veggies. The other four were not so adventuresome and ordered a chicken teriyaki rice bowl. All of us tried some of the condiments which included spicey diakon, kimchi, bean sprouts, azuki beans, a zucchini or cucumber dish and other tasty additions which we couldn't quite identify.
We discussed an appropriate name for the group to distinguish us from the SCCARF Dinner Group! Someone suggested BARF, modified to BARFEL for "Beconing All Retired Faculty to Eat Lunch", but the group refrained from adopting this title. For now, we are calling ourselves the "Yum-Yum Lunch Group". Next month's epicurean experience will be at La Frite in Sherman Oaks on Tuesday, December 16th. I'll be sending out more info as we get closer to that date.

Joyce Linden