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Spring 2017


We will be back to our regular schedule in February...second Wednesday of the month.


February 8. Heidemarie Lundblad will speak on Ombudsmen for Assisted Living Facilities.

The presentation will explain the meaning and history of the term “ombudsman” and the objectives and accomplishments of the Long Term Care Ombudsman program in the US, with specific illustrations of the Ventura County program.  Federal and state law mandate this program, however since it is an “unfunded mandate”, its mission is carried out by volunteers. Ombudsman volunteers are charged with the following primary tasks: 

Address or Investigate: Questions or concerns about quality of care; possible financial abuse; and suspected physical, mental or emotional abuse of residents in long term care facilities.

Also, at the residents’ request: Witness Advance Health Care Directives, attend a resident care plan meeting, and attend a resident or family council meeting.

The presentation includes a discussion of ombudsman training and certification, and illustrations of the “joys and tribulations” of being a volunteer long term care ombudsman.


March 8. James P. Allen and Eugene Turner will speak on: The Changing Ethnic Quilt of Southern California


Professors Allen and Turner will describe their recent online update of our award-winning 1997 book, The Ethnic Quilt. This new publication covers the 34 largest ethnic and racial groups in Los Angeles County and its surrounding four counties. They used 2010 data from the U.S. census to map group distributions and analyze certain characteristics, and in their talk will present some detailed maps and other highlights.

L.A. County’s ten million people make it by far the most populous of all counties in the U.S., suggesting that the patterns they discovered may be more widely generalized. Local audiences have found their maps and other results both original and very interesting, helping people appreciate the wider context of their lives. Be sure to mark the date on your calendar. 

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