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Atlases of America and Southern California
















The Changing Ethnic Quilt of Southern California: Ethnic Distributions in 2010 and Changes 1990-2010
The Ethnic Quilt: Population Diversity in Southern California
Changing Faces, Changing Places: Mapping Southern Californians

CFCPth An atlas that shows population patterns in greater Los Angeles Census 2000 tracts. Dot maps illustrate increases and decreases in the populations of major race and Hispanic groups.





Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Census 2000 Data

Chapter 3. Getting Oriented

Chapter 4. Whites and Blacks

Chapter 5. Latinos and American Indians

Chapter 6. Asians and Pacific Islanders

Chapter 7. General Patterns

Chapter 8. Conclusion

Chapter 9. References

Chapter 10. Back Cover - Comments


An Atlas of Population Patterns in Metropolitan Los Angeles and Orange Counties, 1990


An atlas of major ethnic groups in Los Angeles and Orange counties in 1990. Maps show percent of total population that is ethnic while others show change in number from 1980.





1. Percent Asian

2. Asian population change, 1980-1990

3. Percent black

4. Black population change, 1980-1990

5. Percent Hispanic

6. Hispanic population change, 1980-1990

7. Percent white

8. White population change, 1980-1990

9. Ethnic diversity

10. Ethnic diversity change, 1980-1990

Service Area Research Project: Enrollment at California State University, Northridge, 1995