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How to Obtain a Campus Account
(for Email and Internet Access)

Any current full- or part-time CSUN student, faculty or staff member can obtain a CSUN campus account, which may be used to access email and other Internet resources. 

Your CSUN User ID and Password are your keys to accessing a variety of useful campus technology resources such as Email, the Campus Web Portal , your U-drive (web-site and file storage space) and other technologiesCurrent full- or part-time CSUN students, faculty or staff members can obtain a CSUN User ID and Password by doing the following:

STUDENTS: If you have never logged into the Web Portal and need to activate your CSUN User ID and Password, follow these steps:

  1. Locate your copy of the Admissions Application Acknowledgement letter sent to you from Admissions and Records in response to your submission of the Admissions Application package.  The Admissions Application Acknowledgement letter contains your CSUN User ID and Initial Password.
  2. Visit and log into the Web Portal at www.csun.edu/portal, and enter your CSUN user ID and Initial password.
  3. Follow the subsequent instructions to activate your User ID and Password.

FACULTY and STAFF MEMBERS: Your CSUN User ID and Password will be issued to you when you sign-in with Human Resources.  If you have not already done so, bring your completed New Employee Sign-In Form" form to the Human Resources office located in Room 165 of the University Hall building.  The sign-in hours at Human Resources are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  To view the location of University Hall, please click here.

EVERYONE:  To reset your password, simply visit the Web Portal at www.csun.edu/portal and select ‘Forgot Password’

If you have any questions about how to obtain your CSUN User ID or Password, or you have questions regarding how to access Email, the Campus Web Portal , your U-drive (web-site and file storage space) or other campus technologies, please contact the University Help Desk by telephone at campus extension 1400, or by email to helpdesk@csun.edu, or in-person at the Oviatt Library, Room 29.  To view our days and hours of support, please visit www.csun.edu/helpdesk.






September 20, 2006

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