Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing

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HWB Programs

Campus Wellbeing


Aiming to normalize breastfeeding at CSUN and beyond, various lactation spaces and support are provided on campus. Starting in April 2024 the Women's Research and Resource Center will now manage all lactation spaces on campus. Email for space reservations.
Our Lactation Spaces:
  • Mamava Pod
  • Santa Susana Hall 104 (Under Renovations)
  • Michael D. Eisner College of Education (ED 1110)

Community Wellbeing


This is a study examining the effects of cutting edge SubPac technology. SubPac is a wearable tactile vest that allows individuals to be fully immersed in a vibro-acoustic experience. The SubPac vest uses transducers to simulate low bass frequencies to give the listener a fully tactile, immersive music experience. Such technologies can be used to reduce stress, promote wellbeing, and enhance positive emotional experiences.

Valley GO!

Valley GO! is an adaptive sports program for veterans with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities. It’s purpose is to increase participation in physical activity and improve quality of life for veterans with disabilities in the San Fernando Valley. The program is a collaboration between the Center of Achievement for Adapted Physical Activity, the Aquatic Center at Castaic Lake, and the Triumph Foundation, a support organization for individuals with spinal cord injury.

Neighborhood Partners in Action 

Neighborhood Partners in Action plays a key role in engaging the local community in efforts to optimize Canoga Park neighborhood resources and relationships. The results of these efforts are an ever evolving promotion of community health and wellbeing within the Canoga Park community as well as among faculty and students at CSUN. Current NPA related projects include: CSUN CalFresh Healthy Living (funded by the LACDPH) and Bridge to the Future.