CSUN Students and Faculty at SAA 2014

April 27, 2014

CSUN Students at the SAA meetings in Austin Texas
CSUN Students at the SAA Meetings: front: Krystal Kissinger, Carol Plannette, Aaron Davis. Rear: Austin Ringelstein, Danny Sosa Aguilar, Stephanie Lapeyre-Montrose, Timothy Garfin, Jairo Avila.

Nearly two dozen CSUN students, former students, and faculty participated in the 79th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Austin April 23-27th.

Graduate Students Aaron Davis and Stephanie Lapeyre-Montrose organized a poster session entitled “Mapping Relationships.”  In addition to Davis and Lapeyre-Montrose, graduate students Timothy Garfin, Danny Sosa Aguilar, Krystal Kissinger, Carol Plannette, and Jairo Avila presented posters in the session.

Graduate Students Hugh Radde and Austin Ringelstein presented papers in a symposium organized by CSUN Anthropology Lecturer and Pimu-Catalina Archaeological Field School Director Wendy Teeter.  In addition, incoming MA student Sarah Nava presented a paper, as did several other participants in the 2013 field school.

Anthropology Professor Michael Love organized a symposium entitled “The Early Mesoamerican City:  Urbanization in the Formative Period” and Professor Matthew DesLauriers co-organized a symposium entitled “Lonely Landscapes:  The Archaeology of Remoteness and Isolation.

Anthropology Professor James Snead delivered a paper entitled “Canonical Sites and the Legacy of Place in American Archaeology” and served as a discussant for the symposium, “Life at the Margins of the State:  Comparative Landscapes from the Old and New World.”  Other participants in the latter session were Tara Carter, who received her MA from CSUN in 2003 (and PhD from UCSD in 2010) and is now a post-doc at Stanford University, Mikail Fauvelle (CSUN MA 2010), who is now a PhD student at UCSD and Erin Smith (CSUN MA 2011), now a PhD student at Washington State.

Anthropology Chair Cathy Costin served as a discussant for the symposium, “Characterization of Andean Ceramics.”  Another participant in this session was Professor Jason Toohey of the University of Wyoming, who received his MA from CSUN in 2000 (and PhD from UCSB in 2009).