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Option III

This program is under revision and at the moment not accepting new applicants!

This is a program especially designed for teachers. It will deepen teacher’s knowledge beyond what can be learned in a baccalaureate degree program for secondary teachers of mathematics. It will also serve other professionals with a baccalaureate degree who are seeking careers in k-12 education. This program is not intended for individuals seeking certification in mathematics. 

If you have questions about overall credential procedures, please visit the CSUN Credential Preparation Office in EA building, Room 103 or call (818) 677-2733.

Mathematics for Secondary Teaching Program will enable teachers to take leadership roles in their schools as a coach or as a department chairperson. In particular, they will be knowledgeable instructors of AP Statistics, AP Calculus. As a subject matter specialist and understanding the higher-level mathematics that their students will encounter in later courses, teachers in this unique program will be able to serve on curriculum or textbook selection committees, assist their colleagues to teach challenging lessons and challenging courses, as well as giving presentations to other teachers and carrying out in-service training for their districts.

Students seeking educational careers at community colleges please choose Masters of Science Option I or II.