Parking and Transportation

Parking Enforcement

Parking Officer
The goal of Parking and Transportation Services is to provide the best in customer service to our campus communities.  Parking on campus requires a valid CSUN parking permit. Faculty, Staff, and Students are reminded that current annual or semester permits must be displayed the first day of classes. Parking on campus is open seven days a week, 24 hours-a-day, and is enforced. Parking permits are required at all times in all areas of campus. Parking permits must be properly displayed to avoid parking citations. To be valid, the parking permit must be affixed to the vehicle front inside windshield, lower corner, passenger side, while parked at CSUN.  The entire permit must be visible including serial number and security features. Parking Officers patrol all lots daily and are authorized to issue citations on vehicles that are in violation of parking rules and regulations. All rules and regulations concerning parking may be obtained at any Campus Information Booth or the Parking Office. Our Parking Officers patrol our parking areas daily. 


Parking Enforcement

University Parking Enforcement Officers have the same duties and responsibilities as parking enforcement officers in other jurisdictions. They walk through the parking lots checking for vehicles parked illegally and issue parking citations when appropriate.

Citations are issued for failing to visibly display a valid parking permit, no parking zones, time limit  zones, etc. Additionally, Parking Enforcement Officers handle many public assists similar to what a Freeway Patrol Service might handle.

University Parking Officers also assist with traffic control on and around the University during special events and heavy traffic days. Parking concerns may be addressed by e-mailing the Traffic Safety Unit or in person at the Parking Office.

Jump Starts and Lock Outs

Vehicle unlock

Parking Enforcement Officers handle many public assists similar to what a Freeway Patrol Service might handle. These other duties include assisting people with a battery jump start or retrieving keys locked in a vehicle.

University Parking Enforcement Officers also help people who have lost their vehicle in the more than 12,000 parking spaces spread out among four parking structures and more than fifteen surface parking areas. 

Vehicle jumpstart





Amber Light Patrol

Parking Enforcement Officers remain visible is the Amber Light Patrol. The Amber Light Patrol is a safety service our Parking Enforcement Officers provide by driving through the parking areas with their emergency (amber) warning lights turned on. This allows members of the community an opportunity to flag down a Parking Enforcement Officer. If you need assistance we can be easily identified and contacted.