Religious Studies

Religious Studies

The Jain Tradition: Diversity, Change, and Continuity

Online Jain Symposium, Department of Religious Studies, CSUN 11:00AM-12:15PM • Friday, April 12th, 2024 

We are honored to host our upcoming online Jain symposium with Dr. Shivani Bothra, Assistant Professor and Bhagwan Suvidhinath Endowed Chair in Jain Studies at the Department of Religious Studies at California State University, Long Beach. Her presentation, entitled "The Jain Tradition: Diversity, Change, and Continuity", will explore the diverse ways this ancient Indian religion and its practices have continued to evolve in the modern diaspora while highlighting how many of the core principles of Jainism, including Ahiṃsā (Non-violence), Aparigraha (Non-possession), and Anekāntavāda (Many-sidedness), have persevered after thousands of years in new and innovative ways. 

Join us on Zoom for The Jain Tradition discussion

Organized by Dr. Vikas Malhotra, Assistant Professor and Bhagvan Ajitnath Endowed Professorship in Jain Studies, Department of Religious Studies, CSUN. For additional info email Please email at least five business days prior to event to request an ASL interpreter. 

Religious Studies Faculty, at CSUN

Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter!

The Religious Studies Department at CSUN stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter! In the wake of George Floyd’s brutal murder, we mourn all the black lives that are lost to racism and senseless acts of violence for centuries. We remember them and let their memories be remembered. Being all too familiar with historical examples and consequences of racism, we invite our students, faculty, and staff to continue their tireless work to end it for a better life for us and our children.  We express our support for all those who call for racial justice, as well as justice for any persons who are discriminated, dehumanized, and abused because of their racial, ethnic, social, and religious identities and continue our unwavering commitment to include in our curriculum such themes that teach us our basic human values and rights—justice, equality, freedom, and peace, to name a few.

Dear Religious Studies Community,

We are living in challenging times of uncertainty, anxiety, and concern for our loved ones and ourselves. Our day-to-day lives are rapidly changing every minute and it may be challenging to adapt to this “new normal,” maintain equilibrium, and find ways to nurture ourselves mentally and spiritually. Amidst this turmoil and change, I want to assure you that one constant you can always rely on is our (faculty and staff) commitment to your wellbeing, success, and care. 

We are here to help you! “Learning” still continues virtually at the moment through alternate modes of instruction. We are here to help thrive your “learning” with our utmost attention, dedication, and effort. But we need your help in doing this—COMMUNICATION. Please let us know your questions, concerns, and issue. Faculty, please update your students with every little change and whenever you are uploading or making course content available. Please DO respond to your students in a timely manner. Students, please let your professors know whatever issues you are facing with. We can overcome this together in solidarity. 

Please find below some HELPFUL links and let me know how I can help.

All the best,

Chair, Mustafa Ruzgar

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