American Indian Studies

LA artist Votan to discuss Native art and activism

April 1, 2021

Art, justice, and Indigenous cultures are essential partners for Votan, a Los Angeles artist who will be speaking on "NDN Art & Activism" at 5:30 p.m. April 13. His presentation will be hosted on Zoom. Contact AIS Director Scott Andrews for information on how to attend.

Perhaps his most famous work is the "Water Protector" mural in Duluth, Minnesota. You can read about that mural at Perfect Day Duluth. Water Protectors are those people dedicated to protecting Native access to clean water from oil and gas pipeline projects.

(Photo by Moira Villiard)

Those who attend the annual CSUN Powwow may be familiar with his work. Votan has a booth at the powwow each year, selling merchandise emblazoned with his art and ideas. You can view items at his NSRGNTS website.

Available from NSRGNTS

In 2016, KCET featured Votan in a story about his evolution as an artist.

“As indigenous people we've contributed so many things to the world, and our kids don't even know [about it],” he says in the KCET article. “We really have lost a lot of that through our history books. We need to educate our kids through our art.”

His presentation is sponsored by CSUN's Associated Students, the American Indian Student Association, and the American Indian Studies Program.