American Indian Studies

American Indian Student Association

American Indian Student Association LogoOriginally chartered in 1969, the American Indian Student Association continues to maintain traditional values on the CSUN campus. For almost 40 years AISA has successfully coordinated academic achievement with cultural awareness. AISA also serves to supplement and promote the CSUN American Indian Studies Minor Program. AISA is open to all interested students, faculty, and staff. Members learn, share, and inspire preservation and support of the histories, cultures, values of American Indians. A friendly group of people consisting not only of those of Native descent but also from diverse nationalities and traditions, we welcome all interested people and together we will become more culturally aware. AISA enriches the CSUN community by providing students with support groups and up to date open forums to consider contemporary concerns of all First Peoples. In addition, we promote recruitment, retention, and motivation for all American Indians to attend CSUN or any higher educational institution as an integral aspect of AISA’s fundamental purpose.

First Nations Alumni Association LogoOrganized in 2005, the First Nations Alumni Association supports and mentors CSUN students, the activities provided by AISA, the AIS Program, and the AIS Advisory Board. FNAA will endeavor to reach every student, past and present, to maintain all of the traditional values, wisdom, and lessons taught by our founding members and our elders