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Scholarships in Health Sciences

Health Administration Scholarship

Mishell DeLeon EscobarScholar: Mishell DeLeon Escobar

Year Awarded: 2015

 Major: Health Administration

 Mishell Says: “This scholarship was more than just financial help. It will guide my future and motive me to work hard. All of those who contributed to this scholarship, please know that you contributed to my education and my future. I will not let you down; I will achieve great things and bring honor to this scholarship. [In the future] I would like to establish a program used in universities to help launch leaders into the medical field [and] to create a scholarship and offer it to 10 students to help them with their career.”

Career Aspiration: Mishell is a first-generation college student whose parents immigrated to the United States from Central America. She aspires to become the chief executive officer of a non-profit children’s hospital. She would like to create a program that makes emergency rooms run more efficiently by helping to enhance leadership in the workforce. She also hopes to create an application (app) that would make individual’s medical information available in one system that could be easily transferred between medical offices. Finally, she would like to go to medical school one day and become a pediatric surgeon. It is her hope to inspire and motivate women to dream big and never allow anyone to tell them they can’t.   


Scholar: Grace Kim
Year Awarded: 2015
Major: Health Administration

Grace Says: “[I] would like to sincerely thank the professors, mentors, and the health administration program here at CSUN for this generous award and recognition.”

Career Aspiration: Grace has donated her time to a physical therapy center where she has worked with children with physical, occupational and speech-related disabilities. She has developed a strong appreciation for community work, specifically in healthcare. She is a member of the Health Administration Student Association and has participated in numerous volunteer activities including working with the charitable organization, Meet Each Need with Dignity (MEND). She is currently interning with the National Health Foundation and hopes to work with the homeless community in Downtown Los Angeles. Grace will be the second person in her immediate family to graduate from college.

 About the Scholarship:  The Health Administration Scholarship Program was initiated through a generous donation from alumnus Ronald “Ron” Sorensen. The scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students who are majoring in health administration and have successfully completed the first two introductory courses. Recipients are selected based on evidence of financial need, being among the first in their family to attend college, and have a proven commitment to the community.

Holly Hunt Health Education Scholarship

Scholar: JeJessica Ramirezssica Ramirez

Year Awarded: 2015

Major: Public Health

Jessica Says: “I would like to thank the donors of the Holly Hunt Education Scholarship. Receiving the scholarship was an honorable accomplishment for me and provided me [with] the support to further my education at the University of Michigan.”

Career Aspiration: Jessica graduated from CSUN with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health Promotion and is currently a graduate student at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, focusing on health behavior and health education. She a Latina and first-generation college student from Oxnard, California who is dedicated to public health. Jessica's public health interests include underrepresented and underserved communities who are affected by incarceration and substance abuse.


Margarita MartinezScholar: Margarita Martinez

Major: Public Health

Margarita Says: “To the Hunt family, thank you for turning a personal tragedy into a source of strength and confidence for others pursuing the same career path that Holly [was]. Receiving the Holly Hunt Scholarship was a great honor. The funds covered the cost of my Certified Health Education Specialist exam (which I passed!). However, the reason this scholarship means so much to me is because of the overwhelming feeling of support I felt from the selection committee, my professors, and the Dean during the award ceremony.”

Career Aspiration: Margarita graduated in May 2015 and participated in the Summer Program in Epidemiology at the Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health. She then returned to her hometown of Riverside where she is working as a behavior instructor for children with autism spectrum disorders. Margarita plans to apply to public health graduate schools and pursue a degree in epidemiology. 

About the Scholarship: Holly Hunt graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health Education at CSUN in 1979, was admitted to the Master of Public Health in Health Education graduate program and worked with children as a teacher. While Holly was a graduate student at CSUN she tragically passed away. In 2006, her siblings, Beryl Loughlin and Ronald Hunt, along with his wife Joyce, established this scholarship in memory of Holly. This scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate public health student who contributes to the community and is committed to public health.

The Judge Julian Beck Scholarship

Scholar: SShahla Jalil-Valleshahla Jalil-Valles

Major: Health Administration

Shahla Says: “As a CSUN freshmen student I looked for the ‘perfect’ major, I learned about health administration and found an interest in health law. Now that I have graduated I have been accepted to over 10 law schools in California. I was able to finance all of my law school applications with the Judge Julian Beck Scholarship, which is something I remain grateful for to this day. This scholarship not only gave me the opportunity to help finance a stepping stone in my career, but I also met other students and professors I had previously never met at the reception held when receiving this award. Thank you to CSUN and the professors for choosing me for this scholarship.”

Career Aspiration: Shahla is currently making a decision as to which law school offer to accept. From there she will begin her legal career and hopes to specialize in health law. She credits the CSUN Health Sciences Department and the professors she had as a student for guiding her to finding her passion within the healthcare industry. 

About the Scholarship: Julian Beck was a teacher, politician and judge in Los Angeles and was instrumental in the establishment of San Fernando Valley State College (now CSUN). This scholarship is made possible by a generous contribution from the Judge Julian Beck Health Sciences Endowment that was established in 1984. It is the intention of the donor to provide financial assistance to an outstanding senior each year. Recipients should demonstrate a commitment to professional growth and service, leadership, have a positive and professional attitude, and, where applicable, outstanding clinical potential. 

The Lennin H. Glass Scholarship

ScholaMatthew Alcantarar: Matthew Alcantara

Major: Health Administration

Year Awarded: 2015

Matthew Says: “Thank you Dr. Glass and Rosalee for the scholarship, not only from myself, but also from my father, Hugo, and my departed mother, Cecilia. The award represents the hard work and sacrifice they put in together to raise two children here in the United States. Receiving the scholarship reassured my decision to go to graduate school [due] to the reception of my peers, professors/mentors, college representatives, and the Glass family. Their support reaffirmed a career in healthcare is the right path for me.”

Career Aspiration: Matthew’s interest in a career in healthcare began after the 2008 election when universal healthcare reform was a topic of conversation. He also had a more personal desire to enter the healthcare field after his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Matthew wanted to become the family’s healthcare expert and to be able to navigate the complexities of the health insurance system. He aspires to integrate healthcare informatics (an evolving specialization that links information technology, communications and healthcare to improve the quality and safety of patient care) into the mainstream and create a collaborative awareness to close the gap between providers and patients. This would allow patients to take a more proactive initiative into their personal health state. 

 About the Scholarship: The late Dr. Lennin H. Glass was a professor of health sciences and served as the Dean of the School of Communication and Professional Studies (now Health and Human Development) from 1979-1987. The scholarship was dedicated to Dr. Glass by his wife Rosalee before her passing. The scholarship is made possible due to a generous contribution from the Lennin H. Glass Scholarship Endowment. It is the intention of the donor to provide financial assistance to a returning adult student who can demonstrate a commitment to professional growth and service, leadership and has a positive and professional attitude within the health sciences field.