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Featured Exhibitor: Overflow Biz, Inc.

We showcase Versa Slate, a paperless and refreshable braille slate and stylus, and Flowy service, which provides real-time screen sharing with advanced video magnifier features. Now you can see projection screens or pc monitors of others through your smartphone. With Flowy Zoom, you don't have to move your smartphone around to see the menu at the cafeteria. Just tap and hold the smartphone screen, then scroll around. It's a convenient way to navigate the menu for people with low vision. Visit Overflow Biz, Inc. website for more information: www.atoverflow.com


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Exhibitor Booth(s)
En-Vision America  412  
Envision  1011  
Evinced, Inc.  609  
Feeldom  1108  
Ghotit LTD  313  
Glean  1009  
GoodMaps  109  
Google  1209  
Hamilton CapTel  709  
Harpo Sp. z o.o  509  
HIMS, Inc.  508, 510  
HumanWare  403  
Index Braille  316  
Inspiration 10  517  
Inventivio  618  
Irie-AT Inc  303  
Job Accommodation Network  315  
JW.ORG  723  
Kurzweil Education  319  
Level Access  1109  

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