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Student FAQ Spring 2013

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Students

For Spring 2013 (posted November 27, 2012)

Registering for Classes

Q: Has the budget affected course availability?

California continues to experience significant financial challenges. As a result, the California State University system has experienced sizable and repeated budget reductions. Over the past several years, Cal State Northridge has managed these fiscal challenges by taking a variety of measures to balance budget constraints with the needs of students. In previous semesters, we have made it a priority to maintain course offerings to the maximum extent possible.

In Fall 2012 and Spring 2013, we have committed to offering the classes students most need within our available resources. We will use the wait list demand to anticipate these needs throughout the expanded registration period.

We remain committed to offering students the opportunity to enroll in a full course load. As you prepare to register, please consult with your advisor and review the classes that you need to take to make progress toward the attainment of your degree.

You will be able to get a full load of courses, but you need to be thoughtful and targeted in what you register for first.

During the first phase of Spring 2013 registration (registration by appointment), students are limited to a maximum of 13 units. However, during the nonrestrictive and late registration periods (from December 11, 2012 through the third week of Spring classes) students in good academic standing will be able to add units up to a total of 16. (Note: Graduating seniors and students enrolled in certain cohort programs are exempt from these restrictions.) For more information about unit limits, individual course waiting lists, permission numbers and other related issues please visit the Office of Undergraduate Studies Policies at to access important information about these policy changes.

Q: What has CSUN done to increase student access to classes?

Effective Fall 2012, CSUN implemented a new course wait list feature. The new wait list option in SOLAR self-service allows students to secure a position on a waiting list for closed classes during nonrestrictive registration. Students who are wait listed for a class section will automatically be enrolled in the class when a seat becomes available and all requirements are met. Students may place themselves on wait lists for up to ten units provided they meet course pre-requisites. Student response to wait listing was overwhelmingly positive and we are actively exploring ways to further enhance this feature. Additional information and instructions on wait listing for closed classes can be found by visiting

Tuition and Fees

Q: Will fees increase for Spring 2013?

No. Spring 2013 tuition fees will roll back to the 2011-2012 academic year level. For further information regarding tuition fees, please visit the following website: All other fees will remain the same.

Q. When will Spring 2013 fees be due?

For information about Spring 2013 Tuition and Other Fees payment deadlines visit University Cash Services at

Academic Policies

Q: Has the current budget environment affected academic policies?

No. However, changes were previously made in a number of policies such as registration unit limits, eligibility to repeat a class, academic probation and disqualification, adding or changing majors and/or minors and disenrollment.  These policies remain in effect for Spring 2013. Please familiarize yourself with these changes and others related to academic progress by reviewing information listed in the online CSUN Catalog and the Office of Undergraduate Studies website.

Q: Why do I have to wait until the Thursday before the start of classes (January 17, 2013) to add a class that I want to repeat?

CSUN’s repeat policy allows every student to have one chance in a class before any student has multiple chances. This Spring 2013, classes will begin on Tuesday, January 22, 2013. Students who want to repeat courses must wait until January 17, 2013 to enroll in a class they wish to repeat. Enrollment may be done in SOLAR without permission numbers until the semester begins. After January 22, permission numbers will be needed.  
Financial Aid announced that effective Fall 2012, students are only able to receive aid one time for retaking previously passed course work.  Repeated classes may also count against satisfactory academic progress which must be taken into consideration when determining aid eligibility.