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Tree Pruning Workshop

Don Hodel, Environmental Horticulturist,
UC Davis Cooperative Extension, LA County

Sat., Jan. 5, 2013, 9 a.m. Registration begins December 5, 2012.

Registration is required. Please register via e-mail
Registration for this class begins December 5, 2012.

As major focal points of a garden planting, trees often define the character of the home landscape, and a well-pruned tree enhances the curb appeal of a residence. While many homeowners leave tree work to the professional landscape maintenance crews, there are many small pruning tasks that can be performed by the home gardener. This is especially true of the young tree, which benefits from corrective pruning early on.

On Saturday, January 5, 2013, from 9-11, Don Hodel will speak on the basics (why, when, how) of tree pruning, with special emphasis on pruning deciduous fruit trees. Don is an Environmental Horticulturist with the UC Davis Cooperative Extension, Los Angeles County and has authored numerous articles and books on ferns, trees, and palms. He is a favorite speaker at local fern, palm, and horticultural groups.





ToMAYto, ToMAHto
Scott Daigre, PowerPlant Garden Design

Sat., March 2, Time 2-4 p.m. Registration begins Saturday, February 2nd.

Registration is required. Please register via e-mail
Registration for this class begins on Saturday, February 2nd.

ToMAYto. ToMAHto. Hybrid vs heirloom. Early Girl. Better Boy. Dr.
Carolyn. Dr. Wyche’s Yellow. Dorothy’s Green. Black Prince. Mountain
Princess. Determinate vs indeterminate. Fruit vs vegetable…

No matter what they’re called, no matter how they’re classified, tomatoes are amongst the most rewarding of home-grown foods. The many varieties available to the southern California gardener can be a confusing assortment of names and categories. On Saturday, March 2, from 2-4 p.m., Scott Daigre, known as Mr. Tomatomania, will share his strategies on tomato growing, provide tips on maximizing yield, and explain why some tomatoes have letters after their names.

As well as enjoying his own home garden, Mr. Daigre is the proprietor of PowerPlant Garden Design and the annual Tomatomania! event in Encino. His garden designs have been featured on DIY and HGTV programs.

Likely the most popular edible grown by the home gardener, tomatoes are easy to grow and offer nutritious and tasty rewards.  Join us!



CSUN Tree Walk
Saturday, May 18, 9-11 a.m.
Open to current Friends of the Garden only.

Registration is required. Please register via e-mail at:
Registration for this class begins April 18th.





Audubon Habitat
Alan Pollack, Audubon-at-Home Chair, San Fernando Valley Audubon Society
Saturday, September 7, 9-10:45 a.m.

In this time of extended drought and watering restrictions, southern California residents are searching for lawn alternatives that don't sacrifice visual appeal. Drought-tolerant plantings, especially those utilizing California natives or Mediterranean climate species, can provide color, texture, and beauty while reducing water usage and benefiting the local fauna. By converting a yard or lawn into an Audubon Habitat, homeowners reduce water, fertilizer, and maintenance needs, and at the same time create a welcoming setting for birds, butterflies, and humans.

Speaker Alan Pollack is the Audubon-at-Home Chair for the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society. He shares his love of wildlife and gardening through his informative and popular programs. Alan successfully converted his boring, thirsty, and wildlife-unfriendly home garden into a National Wildlife Federation-certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat Site. As a certified MWF Wildlife Habitat Steward Alan joyfully aids all those who want to create a garden that is attractive to wildlife as well as to humans. Questions will be welcomed and a useful handout provided.

Registration is required for this free class.
Please register via e-mail at:
Registration for this class begins on Wednesday, August 7th.







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