The Autonomy Research Center for STEAHM (ARCS)

The Autonomy Research Center for STEAHM (ARCS) is a NASA-launched university center of excellence, forging research collaborations between physical, social, and behavioral science (S); technology and engineering (T); entrepreneurship and business (E); arts (A); humanities (H); and mathematics (M).

Combining the talents of faculty and students from 6 CSUN colleges, ARCS’ vision is to be a global leader in education, research and commercialization regarding increasingly autonomous (IA) systems. To achieve its vision, ARCS is pioneering at CSUN the implementation of a Convergence Research model (one of the National Science Foundation's 10 Big Ideas).  In so doing, ARCS is committed to training 21st Century leaders who can solve our most pressing technological and social challenges.
Visit www.arcs.center to learn more.