The IRES program was hosted by UNICAMP (Universidade de Campinas), a state University in Sao Paulo. Campinas is located in a large industrial center in Sao Paulo state and is surrounded by technological and computational centers.

American and Brazilian Students
Students and Faculty together

On the first day of the program participants were given the option to select the problem to work on. The problems had been presented to them a month before through the IRES Website. On the last day of the program, students gave presentations of their work. They also wrote papers describing their results. Click on the title of the papers for a pdf version.

The inviscid limit of incompressible fluid flow in an annulus.
Sara Frietze, Robert Gerrity, and Tiago Picon.

Composite Membranes.
Aldo Lopes, Russell E. Howes, and Cynthia Shepherd.

An Analysis of the Collatz Conjecture.
Francis Charles Motta, Henrique Roscoe de Oliveira, and Thiago Aparecido Catalan

On the Compact Submanifolds of Codimension 3 with Nonnegative Curvature. (in progress)
Ricardo Martins, Rogerio Medeiros, and Sylas Richelson

Quivers. (in progress)
Virginia Fisher, Eloy Lopez, and Lonardo Rabelo