Overhead Slides from TheWinning Equation

The Winning Equationis a California state approved in-service training  for grade 4-7 teachers meeting the requirements of Assembly Bill 1331. It was developed and submitted to the California State Board of Education by the Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee of the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association, and later revised and improved by the L.A. County Office of Education.

The training is intended to provide an in-depth understanding of the mathematics behind the California mathematics standards for grade 4-7 Teachers.  It can be of benefit to teachers of lower and higher grades as well.

The Winning Equationmodules require an overhead projector, and they are easy to use.  The slides are generally self-explanatory and develop their respective topics coherently and gradually.  Instructors need only project them  in order, comment on them, and use them to stimulate classroom discussion.  The facilitator notes are generally not needed, but they are available to assist instructors.  Work sheets have labels like H-2, H-20, etc.  "H" stands for "Handout" and "T" stands for "Transparency."

Modules [These documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  For a free download click here.]

Exponents, Powers, and Roots
Moderator notes and slides T1 to T6
Slides T7 and T8
Slides T9 to T28
Slides T29 to T31
Slides with two answer keys

Whole Numbers and Integers
Full set of overhead slides

Multiplication and Division of Integers
Full set of overhead slides

Factors of Whole Numbers
Full set of overhead slides

Rational Numbers
Moderator notes and slides T1 to T6
Slide T7
Slides T8 to T9
Slides T10 to T11
Slides T12 to T45 and answer keys

Fractions and Decimals
Full set of overhead slides

Measurement and Geometry
Full set of overhead slides

Linear Equations and Inequalities
Moderator notes and slides T1 to T17
Slides T18 to T36
Slides T37 to T70
Slides T71 to T102