HSci 336 - Health Aspects of Drug Use Online Course

Course Syllabus

Getting Started

Course Overview

There are two synchronous participation times for a group project. You must be online, anywhere in the world, for Audio Chat training on June 11th from 2 to 4 pm and for the Audio group project on June 24th from 2 to 4 PM PST

If you cannot make these times, YOU WILL LOSE POINTS TOWARD THE COURSE GRADE.

Moodle and Online Course Orientation Available through the University website. If you have problems call 677-3443.

If you have not taken an online class with Moodle, take the online student instruction before this class begins. See Getting Started.

1.  Before the first day of class, you should have mastered Moodle, purchased the course textbook and read both the course syllabus and course overview.

2.  If you are already familiar with Moodle, or you are not on campus, or you are a computing master... you may enter my Moodle page. Your login is: "your campus user ID not your email address". Your password is: "your CSUN password for email". If you do not have a campus email account, go here first. Or you may call 818-677-1400 to reach the CSUN Help Desk.

Homework (before you start the course, make sure you can):

  1. Successfully take the practice test found in Moodle .
  2. Successfully submit answers to the practice discussion board (asychronous discussion)found on our course Moodle page, and
  3. Practice in the Elluminate audio chat room and make sure your microphone works.