CSUN Risk Communication Forum

Tom Hatfield, Director

A. Introduction

G. International agencies

B. Local Programs

H. Cabinet agencies

C. State Programs

I. Other agencies

D. Federal Programs

J. Courses by Hatfield

E. Congress

K. Food Safety Forum

F. Periodicals

L. Bioterrorism


A. Introduction

Welcome to the CSUN Risk Communication Forum!

The dual purpose of this Forum is to provide:
1. linkages to key sources of environmental health risk information, and
2. linkages to fellow professionals in the environmental health community.

There are two additional tools that we use in our educational programs at CSUN:
1. modules: educational orientation for the above linkages, and
2. quizzes: educational materials to test understanding of the modules.

Other relevant sites include:
1. Rand Study -- a study for CSUN educational strategic planning, and
2. Cornerstones -- CSU principles for educational reform.

If you have any recommendations on how to improve this forum, please drop me a line.

B. Local Environmental Health Programs


  1. Los Angeles County
  2. Long Beach
  3. Riverside County
  4. San Bernardino County
  5. San Diego County
  6. Ventura County
  7. Orange County
  8. Santa Barbara County
  9. City of Vernon
  10. City of Pasadena
  11. Others in California


C. State Environmental Health Programs

  1. Department of Food and Agriculture
  2. Department of Health Services
  3. California Environmental Health Association
  4. California Laws


D. Federal Environmental Health Programs


  1. American National Standards Institute
  2. Centers for Disease Control
  3. Food Safety Information
  4. National Sanitation Foundation
  5. U.S. Department of Agriculture
  6. U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  7. FDA Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition
  8. Fedworld


E. Congress

  1. U.S. Senate
  2. U.S. House of representatives
  3. Federal Register - sample access
  4. Code of Federal Regulations - House of Representatives
  5. California Senate gopher
  6. California Assembly gopher
  7. California Health and Safety Code


F. Periodicals:

  1. EPA Newsletters and Journals
  2. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
  3. Environmental Health Perspectives
  4. WHO newsletter
  5. AID newsletters
  6. Toxic News for the Net


G. International

  1. WHO
  2. UNEP
  3. Agency for international development
  4. International Food Safety Council


H. Cabinet Departments

  1. HHS -- Dept. of health and human services
  2. -- NIH -- National institutes of health
  3. -- NTP -- National toxicology program
  4. -- NIEHS -- National institute of environmental health sciences
  5. Dept. of justice
  6. Dept. of transportation
  7. Dept. of education
  8. Dept. of energy


I. Other agencies

  1. EPA home page
  2. EPA Keyword search
  3. National cancer institute
  4. National center for atmospheric research
  5. National center for biotechnology information
  6. Oak ridge national laboratory
  7. Los alamos national laboratory
  8. Lawrence berkeley laboratory
  9. Consumer product safety commission
  10. National science foundation
  11. NASA -- Marshall space flight center (spacelink)


I. Bioterrorism




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