Science Teaching Series

Internet Resources

I. Developing Scientific Literacy

II. Developing Scientific Reasoning

III. Developing Scientific Understanding

IV. Developing Scientific Problem Solving

V. Developing Scientific Research Skills

VI. Resources for Teaching Science



Math & Science Game & Logic Software


  • Sound Analysis (SoundVision)
  • SoundView: SoundView lets you view the time-wave and frequency spectrum live from any Macintosh sound input device.



Application Software (Mac)

  • WhatRoute: Trace the route of messages on the internet
  • Flash-It This is shareware that allows you to perform screen captures on the Macintosh. Place it in your System Folder. You may adjust settings using the control panel after restart.
  • SoundApp can play or convert files dropped onto it in a variety of formats. In addition, it supports Play Lists which are lists of sound files that can be saved for later usage. This is freeware for the Macintosh.
  • Bar Code Developer: Develop barcodes for laserdisc players. This was developed using Hypercard from the Hypermedia and Instructional Software Clearinghouse (HISC) .
  • Nifty Telnet: Telnet program for the Mac. To open a CSUN account, access
  • Simplesound: Simple recording software for Mac.

Compressed and Encoded Files for storing programs on the web

.hqx A common Macintosh encoding format. File Type: Binary. A file with the .hqx extension is a Macintosh binary file that has been converted into ASCII text so it can be safely transferred across the Net. You can use Stuffit Expander to decode on the Mac or BinHex4 (binhex4.bin) to create and extract Binhex 4 files.

.bin A Mac binary II Encoded File. File Type: Binary. This file type requires Stuffit Expander for the Mac. You download this type of file as MacBinary or Binary.

.exe A DOS or Windows program or a self-extracting file. File Type: Binary. If this is an executable (self-extracting) file, then it can usually be launched by double-clicking on the icon on your desktop. This is the only way to tell if it is an executable file.

.sit A Macintosh file that has been compressed using a program called Stuffit. File Type: Binary To unstuff a file with a .SIT extension, you need a program called Stuffit Deluxe or you can use Stuffit Expander for the Mac or for Windows.

.sea A Macintosh self-extracting archive file. File Type: Binary An archive file is usually a collection of files that have been combined into one to make it easy to download. Because the archive is self-extracting, you don't need any special application or utility to launch it. You simply click on the icon from the Macintosh desktop and it decompresses and unbundles the files.

.tar A UNIX archiving scheme that is also available for PCs. File Type: Binary. Tar, which is short for Tape ARchive, can archive files but not compress them, so .tar files are often zipped, which is why you might occasionally encounter the file extension .tar.gz. To download and use .tar files on a Mac, you use a program called Tar. For Windows you can use WinZIP to view and extract archive files.

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