Science Teaching Series

Internet Resources

I. Developing Scientific Literacy

II. Developing Scientific Reasoning

III. Developing Scientific Understanding

IV. Developing Scientific Problem Solving

V. Developing Scientific Research Skills

VI. Resources for Teaching Science

Making swf files

  1. Make and edit the video in iMovie or other movie editing program
  2. Export the movie as a .mov (Quicktime movie) or other format
  3. Import this movie into Adobe Media Encoder
  4. Save the movie as a .f4v file.
  5. Open Adobe Flash and use "Import Video" to put the .f4v file on the stage.
  6. In the Component Parameters window, adjust the size of the video to your desired size.
  7. In the Component Parameters window, select the desired "skin" (controllers)
  8. Select Modify / Document, and select "contents" to select the adjust the stage to the correct width. Using this same controller, adjust the height so the stage includes the controller. Turn autoplay off unless you want it to play automatically when the page is opened.
  9. Export the movie as a .swf file into the directory that will include the web page that contains the movie.
  10. Open a web page in Dreamweaver and use the insert media / swf option.
  11. The controller will show up on the website only if the stage was made large enough to contain it and the video, and only if the .swf file for the controller is in the same directory. For example, the controller file might look like (MinimaSilverAll.swf). It is saved automatically when the swf file is made. Don't delete it.