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Activity 19.3.3 – Selecting foods to treat vitamin deficiencies

Researchers have linked vitamin deficiencies with specific syndromes listed below


Deficiency Syndromes

Vitamin A

night blindness; brittle skin; damaged respiratory tract

Thiamin (B1)

beriberi (muscle atrophy, paralysis, congestive heart failure)

Riboflavin (B2)

dermatitis, hypersensitivity to light, reddening of the cornea


pellagra (dermatitis, diarrhea, mental confusion, irritability)

Vitamin B6

dermatitis, irritation of sweat glands, convulsions

Vitamin C

scurvy (bleeding gums, anemia, painful joints, poor healing)

(1) Using a database program and the nutrition database, determine three foods which a nutritionist might recommend to alleviate or eliminate each of the syndromes listed. This information can be obtained by performing a descending sort according to the vitamin in question.