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Shirley Svorny
Professor of Economics

General Information

College of Business and Economics


Doctors Should Support Interstate Telemedicine, Orange County Register, 2/8/18

Can telemedicine boost Medi-Cal access? Sacramento Bee, 11/20/17

One Step Forward, but Many More to Go for Telemedicine, Morning Consult, 11/15/16

Telemedicine...Across State Borders, The Milken Institute Review, 12/19/17

Telemedicine Runs Into Crony Doctoring, Wall Street Journal, 7/22/16

Interstate Medical Licensure Compact won't help, The Clarion-Ledger, 2/27/16

Ted Cruz Should Make the Case for Telemedicine,, 2/9/16

End State Licensing of Physicians, The Hill, 8/7/15

After King v. Burwell: The cost of the subsidies remains a challenge, The Hill, 6/29/15

Debate on 12/5-12/12/11 with Ted Frank of the Manhattan Institute about Medical Malpractice Caps

Med Mal Caps Hurt Patients 11/23/11 Huff Post

Government Care: A Victory for Special Interests
8/6/09 Investors Business Daily

Increasing Risk, Hurting Patients 11/2/09


How to Make Lethargic LA Grow (with R. Krol) 1/17/2014

Make College Cost More 11/22/2010 -- Prof. Svorny on KPCC Air Talk

Innovate to Cut Health Costs 10/6/2008

Why shouldn't pharmacists be prescribers? (with K. Johnson) 10/22/07

Proposition 75 (with R. Krol) 10/12/05

Feds Are Feeding an Urban Money Pit (with R. Krol) 3/16/05

Private Banks Hold Lien on a Better Life (with R. Krol) 3/31/04

Banning Wal-Mart May Prove Costly  1/30/04

For Good of All, Hike Fees at CSU 7/10/03

Looking for Cheap Digs? Try Palmdale 5/21/03 [about housing markets and affordable housing]

When it Comes to Cities, Smaller is Better 6/3/02

Nursing is Not Just a Numbers Game 1/25/02

Don’t Fault Angelenos Looking for a Way Out 6/25/97

Divided We Stand, United We Fall 4/29/97

Los Angeles Times Valley Edition

Visions of a New City, Where Control is Local 4/29/01

Housing and Poverty are Two Separate Issues 2/18/01

Perspective on Secession: Urging Us to 'Get Along' Misses the Point 10/15/00

Beyond Chase Knolls, a Larger Issue 7/23/00

Community Redevelopment Agency Plan Risks Future Revenues in Northeast Valley 4/2/00

Valley Perspective: Dear Genethia Hayes: Smaller School Districts are Better 12/26/99

Perspective on Valley Secession: Power Shifts When Cities Downsize 8/22/99

Perspective on Secession: When Rhetoric Detaches from Facts to Back It 5/16/99

Perspective on Secession: Representation Fears Unfounded 2/14/99 (with A. Gifford, Jr.)

How to Help the Poor? Remove Barriers to Options, Including Jobs 1/3/99

Local Control Lies in Decentralization 11/15/98

The Business of Our Schools is Education 10/4/98

Perspective on Charter Reform: Advisory Councils Lack Clout to Effect Change 7/19/98

Perspective on City Size: Splitting Up Could Cut Our Costs 4/19/98

Perspective on Supermarket Mergers: Choice Is Instigator, Not Victim 2/22/98

CSU System Needs to Implement Higher Standards for Admission 11/30/97

Valley Secession Should Not Be Ruled Out by Water Concerns 7/20/97

Smaller L.A. Would Benefit All 11/17/96

The Fallacy of Federal Funding 9/29/96

Perspective on Economic Development: A Vision Focused on Growth 7/7/96

Breakup Plan Should Include Entire City 5/19/96

Insurance Plan Has Major Faults 4/7/96 (with R. Krol)

Continued Post-Disaster Federal Aid Is A Bad Idea 7/10/94


Health Care Solutions Already Here 11/6/09

California Focus: Better way to encourage business 6/19/09

California Focus: Solving the CSU Budget Shortfall 5/8/08


What Governors Can Do To Lower Healthcare Costs 2/13/2014

Fixing Los Angeles (with R. Krol) January 16, 2011

U.S., State Officals Need to Stop Micromanaging Care 7/12/09

Eliminating California state licensing boards would save funds, aid consumers 6/20/09

Mayor and union can't fix schools; communities can 2/26/06

New Grocer Law Spells Trouble for City Business (with R. Krol) 12/28/05

Prop 74: Firing Poor Teachers Would Boost Morale 10/31/05

Unions Shouldn't be Favored by State Environmental Law (with R. Krol) 3/27/05

More Dense Thinking from Politicians: Cramming Mixed-use Projects Near Mass Transit Won't Ease Congestion (with R. Krol) 8/25/04

'Inclusionary Zoning' Will Not Work 4/21/04

Davis Taxes Will Make a Bad Situation Worse (with R. Krol) 1/21/03

Spending Limit Would Benefit State Economy, Budget Health (with R. Krol)  1/10/03

Secession's Side Effects; Cityhood Vote Energizes Valley Residents 11/3/02

Government Mandated Leave Not a Good Idea 8/21/02

Government Efficiency Secession's Big Payoff 7/31/02

We Don't Need State's 'Help' in Local Planning 6/20/02

Religious Council Missed Chance on Secession 5/2/02

Democrats Really Do Support A Valley City (with L. Marcal) 4/16/02

Who do you trust? Secessionists put their confidence in themselves 2/11/02

LAUSD Breakup Plan Must Go Before Voters 12/5/01

Large School Districts aren't Necessarily Better (with D. Driscoll and D. Halcoussis) 11/2/01

New Answers for LAUSD; Vouchers would Solve Crowding Woes, Unrealistic Building Plan 10/28/01

Regional Planning Making Mess of L.A. 3/22/01 (Response to Brookings/University of Southern California report, "When Sprawl Hits the Wall: Confronting the Economic Realities of Metropolitan Los Angeles")

Democrats to Benefit from CSU Union Dues; University System, Students will Suffer 8/26/99 (with R. Krol)

Study Won’t Fix the Dysfunctional LAUSD 8/5/97

City Should Tie Raises to Performance 6/12/97

Going for Broke: City Union Monopoly Should Consider Declining Tax Base in Charter Reform 6/5/97

Money Can’t Buy L.A. Harmony 5/25/97

Reining in the City 4/1/97 (with R. Krol)

Living Wage is a Sorry Remedy for Working Poor 3/21/97

Price Pfister Woes Illustrate Hidden Cost of Pro-Environment Legislation 12/8/96 (with R. Krol)

Fixing Valley’s ‘Fair Share’ a Task Strewn With Obstacles 10/20/96

Road to ‘Living’ Wage a Dead-End for Those Most in Need 10/17/96

For Valley’s Future, the Best Reform is Secession 7/28/96 (with R. Krol)

Does Valley Receive Its Fair Share? 4/28/96 (with B. Carroll)

Jobs Aren’t Good Measure for GM Deal 2/13/96

Empowerment Zones Sidetrack Growth 12/22/94 (Growth Zones’ Dubious Merit, The Plain Dealer, 12/31/94) (with R. Krol)


True Environmental Spirit of American Public is Revealed 6/96

Increasing the Minimum Wage: Who Will Benefit? 5/20-6/5, 1996

Labor Market Myths: Is Job Security Really Declining? 3/96

Metro-Rail: A Project Whose Time Has Passed 11/95 (with R. Krol)


Does Physician Licensing Serve a Useful Purpose? The Independent Institute, July 10, 2000

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