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Chapter 13 Translation Practice Answers

1. Ne dohte hit nu lange ac wæs here and hunger, bryne and blodgyte.
Now It did not avail for long, but there was war and hunger, fire and bloodshed.

2. Hio hæfde þær swiþe micle werod hire þegna and eac oþerra mædena.
She had there a very great company of her thanes and also of other maidens.

3. He gymþ grædlice his teolunge, his gafoles, his gebylta, he berypþ ða wanspedigan.
He cares greedily for his tillage, his tribute, his buildings; he plunders those poor ones.

4. Fela gedreccednyssa and earfoþnyssa becumaþ on þissere worulde.
Many tribulations and hardships befall in this world.

5. Ure ieldran, ða ðe ðas stowe ær hioldon, hie lofodon wisdom.
Our ancestors, those who previously held this place, they loved wisdom.

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