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Welcome to the website of Richard Heermance.

I am an associate professor in the department of Geological Sciences at California State University in Northridge. This site provides information on my research interests, links to current research projects, photographs of recent adventures, and any other random information I feel like providing at this time. Enjoy!

Geologic Interests: My geologic interests are based on the idea that stratigraphy and geomorphology record evidence of landscape evolution. Fundamentally I am a field geologist who combines sedimentology and stratigraphy, geomorphology, structural geology, and isotope geochemistry to infer landscape evolution. Current projects include: 1) Using in-situ cosmogenic isotopes of 10Be to determine fan-surface ages along the San Andreas Fault, 2) Stratigraphy and sedimentology Qaidam Basin in central China to determine the effects of climate and tectonic changes over the last 5 million year, and  3) determining the glacial chronology of the Trinity Alps in northern California by detailed mapping and cosmogenic isotope analysis. Past projects includes stratigraphy and structural analysis of the Tian Shan Foreland in western China, 10Be geochronlogy of geomorphic surfaces in the Ventura Basin, and the stratigraphic and structural controls on fault rupture during the 1999 ChiChi earthquake along the Chelungpu fault in Taiwan, and magnetostratigraphy within intermontane basins in Kyrgyzstan.





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