2013 Curriculum Vitae for Richard V Heermance


CSU Northridge, Dept. of Geological Sciences, 18111 Nordhoff St, Northridge, CA 91330-8266

ph: (818) 677-4357, e-mail: richard.heermance@csun.edu , www.csun.edu/~rvh97413/index.html


My research focuses on the stratigraphy of active orogens.  Field studies (sedimentology, stratigraphy, structural geology, hydrogeology, geomorphology) are combined with laboratory work (paleomagnetism, 10Be cosmogenic isotope geochemistry) to infer landscape evolution.  Current projects include: 1) Stratigraphic evidence for wind erosion and climate change in the Qaidam basin, China, from detailed field mapping, magnetostratigraphy, and both radiogenic and stable isotope analysis. 2) Quantifying ages of glacial advances within the Klamath Mountains in northern California, 3) Using in-situ cosmogenic isotopes of 10Be and 26Al to quantify the ages and determine controls on evolution of fluvial terraces and Quaternary sediments within the western Transverse Ranges in southern California.  4) Combining field mapping with groundwater data to interpret the presence of faults within the Coachella Valley in southern California, and 5) Climatic and tectonic evolution of the southern Tian Shan foreland basin, western China, including sedimentology, magnetostratigraphy, and structural analyses. Past projects include the stratigraphic and structural controls on fault rupture during the 1999 ChiChi earthquake along the Chelungpu fault in Taiwan, magnetostratigraphy within intermontane basins in Kyrgyzstan, and glacial chronology of the Trinity Alps in northern California.







      University of California, Santa Barbara, PhD, February, 2007.

            •advisor: Dr. Doug Burbank

•Thesis: Stratigraphic and Structural Evolution of the Neogene Kashi Foreland Basin, NW China.


Utah State University, Logan, UT, M.S., 2002

      • advisor: Dr. J. P. Evans

•Thesis: Geometry and physical properties of the Chelungpu Fault, Taiwan, and their effect on fault rupture


The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO, B.A. Geology, 1995

      •Graduated with distinction

•Undergraduate research: Magmatic Inclusions Within an Andesite Flow and Other Related Calc-Alkaline Magmas From the High Cascades, Southern Oregon


      Assistant Professor, California State University Northridge.  Jan 2009-present.


      Mendenhall Postdoctoral Research Fellow, USGS, Western Earth Surface Processes Team, Tucson, AZ.  March 2007-December, 2008.


      Visiting Professor, The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO, Spring (2007)

            •Physical Geology (GY140)


      Instructor, U. California, Santa Barbara, Winter (2006)

            •Geology 10: Antarctica

      Teaching Assistant, U. California, Santa Barbara (2002-2005). 

            •Field Methods, Prof. J. Boles, Fall, 2005

            •Field Camp, Lake Tahoe, CA, Prof. A. Sylvester, Summer, 2005             

            Antarctica, Prof. B. Luyendyk, Winter, 2005

            •Field Camp, E. Nevada, Prof. P. Gans, Summer, 2004

            •Structural Geology, Prof. P. Gans, Winter, 2004

            •Oceanography, Prof. T. Atwater, Fall, 2002

Teaching Assistant, Utah State University, Logan, UT (2000-2001)

      • Field camp (summer, 2002)

      • Structural geology (Spring, 2001)

      • Introductory Geology (Fall, 2000)

Engineering Geologist, Cotton, Shires and Associates, Los Gatos, CA (1998-2000): Performed geologic investigations (mapping, surveying, subsurface investigation), construction inspection, geotechnical reconnaissance, stream sampling and modeling, and safety officer duties.  Wrote as-built and geotechnical reports for clients including drafting figures.

Heavy Equipment Operator, Antarctic Support Associates, Antarctica (1995-1998): Operated heavy equipment (loader, dozer, track-mounted drill rig) to support scientific research at McMurdo and South Pole Stations, Antarctica. 

Hut Warden, Tongariro Volcanoes National Park, New Zealand (1996): Advised backpackers on trails, geology, and weather conditions.  Maintained a high mountain hut, collected fees from hut users, and informed park headquarters of tourist status.

Computer Monitor, The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO (1993-1995): Assisted students with computer troubleshooting in the college computer lab.





*  GEOL 101: Geology of Planet Earth, CSUN, Fall, 2012, Fall, 2011, Fall 2010, Fall 2009, Spring 2009

*  GEOL 443 and 443L: Stratigraphy, CSUN, Spring, 2012, Spring 2011, Spring 2010

*  GEOL 595L: Quaternary Geochronology, CSUN, Fall, 2011, Fall, 2009


*  GEOLOGY 1: Physical Geology, Colorado College, Spring 2007

*  GEOLOGY 10: Antarctica, UCSB, Winter 2006.



*Heermance, R.V., A. Pullen, P. Kapp, C. Garzione, S. Bogue, L. Ding, P. Song (in press, 2013).  Climatic and tectonic controls on sedimentation and erosion during the Plio-Quaternary in the Qaidam Basin (China), Geological Society of America Bulletin.

*Rohrmann, A., R. V. Heermance, P. Kapp, F. Cai (submitted Oct., 2012).  Wind as the primary driver of erosion in the Qaidam Basin, China.  Submitted to Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

*DeVecchio, D.E., R.V. Heermance, M. Fuchs, and L.A. Owen (2012). Climate-controlled landscape evolution in the Western Transverse Ranges, California: Insights from Quaternary geochronology of the Saugus Formation and strath terrace flights, Lithosphere, doi: 10.1130/L176.1.

*Pullen, A., P. Kapp, A.T. McCallister, H. Chang, G.E. Gehrels, C.N. Garzione, R.V. Heermance, and L. Ding (2011) Qaidam Basin and northern Tibetan Plateau as dust sources for the Chinese Loess Plateau and paleoclimatic implications: Geology, pp 1031-1034, doi:10.1130/G32296.1.

*Kapp, P., J.D. Pelletier, A. Rohrmann, R. Heermance, and J. Russell (2011), Wind erosion in the Qaidam basin, central Asia: Implications for tectonics, paleoclimate, and the source of the Loess plateau, Geological Society of America Today, Volume 21 Issue 4/5, April/May 2011.

•Heermance, R. V., J. Chen, D. B. Burbank, J. Miao (2008), Temporal constraints and pulsed Late Cenozoic deformation during the structural disruption of the active Kashi foreland, northwest China, Tectonics 27, TC6012, doi:10.1029/2007TC002226.

•Heermance, R., J. Chen, D. Burbank, C. Wang (2007), Chronology and tectonic controls of Late Tertiary deposition in the southwestern Tian Shan foreland, NW China, Basin Research 19, 599-632.

• Chen, J., R. Heermance, K. M. Scharer, D. W. Burbank, M. Jijun, C. S. Wang (2007), Quantification of growth and lateral propagation of the Kashi anticline, Southwest Chinese Tian Shan. J. Geophys. Res., 112, doi:10.1029/2006JB004345.

Sobel, E. R., Chen, J., Heermance, R. V., (2006), Late Oligocene - Early Miocene initiation of shortening in the Southwestern Chinese Tian Shan: Implications for Neogene shortening rate variations, Earth Planet. Sci.Lett., 247, 70-81.

•Heermance, R. V. and J. P. Evans (2006), Geometric evolution of the Chelungpu fault: the mechanics of shallow frontal ramps and fault imbrication , J. Structural Geology, 28, 929–938

      •Heermance, R. V., Z. K. Shipton and J. P. Evans (2003), Fault structure control on fault slip and ground motion during the 1999 rupture of the Chelungpu fault, Taiwan, Bull. Seismo. Soc. Amer, 93, 1034-1050.


*Heermance, R. V., P. Kapp, A. Pullen, C. N. Garzione, A case for wind enhance tectonics: Plio–Quaternary sedimentation, erosion, and structural evolution controlled by wind within the Qaidam Basin, China (2012). Eos Trans. AGU 93 Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract T32B–05.

*del Angel, J.K., R.V. Heermance, and J. Cook, controls on structural style of the western Kepintage fold and thrust belt in the southern Tian Shan foreland, western China (2012), Eos Trans. AGU 93 Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract T51F–2676.

* Heermance, R.V., D. Yule, P. McBurnett, and S. Ramzan (2012), Geologically determined uplift rates through the central San Gorgonio Pass. Southern California Earthquake Center Annual Meeting, September, 2012, Palm Springs, CA.

* Heermance, R.V., Pullen, A., Kapp, P., Song, P. (2011) Climatic and tectonic feedbacks and implications on sedimentation, tectonic deformation, and erosion circa 3.1 Ma in the Qaidam Basin, China: Evidence from magnetostratigaphy, geochemistry, and stratigraphic analysis. Eos Trans. AGU 92 Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract PP21B-1341.

*DeVecchio, D.E., R.V. Heermance, & M. Fuchs (2011) Climate-controlled landscape evolution in the Western Transverse Ranges, California: Insights from Quaternary geochronology of aggradational deposits and bedrock erosion surfaces, Eos Trans. AGU 92 Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract EP31A-0810.

*Pullen, A., P.A. Kapp, H. Chang, A.T. McCallister, C.N. Garzione, G.E. Gehrels, R. Heermance, & L. Ding (2011). The Qaidam Basin and northern Tibetan Plateau as dust sources for the Chinese Loess Plateau, determined by U-Pb detrital zircon provenance. Eos Trans. 92 AGU Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract PP23B-1839.

* Cook, J.D. & R.V. Heermance (2011).  Tertiary deposition within the Tian Shan Foreland Basin and implications on climate and tectonics within the Kepintage Forld-Thrus belt, NW China. American Chemical Society-Western Regional Meeting (Pasadena, CA), Nov 10-12, 2011.

* del Angel, J.K., J.D. Cook, & R.V. Heermance (2011).  Structure and shortening of the Kepintage thrust zone in the Tian Shan foreland, northwest China. American Chemical Society-Western Regional Meeting (Pasadena, CA), Nov 10-12, 2011.

*K.E. McGuire and R.V. Heermance (2011). Tracking cosmogenic 10Be in multiple grainsizes down alluvial systems in active orogens . Southern California Earthquake Center Annual Meeting poster A-140, September, 2011, Palm Springs, CA.

*H.L. McKay and R.V. Heermance, "Quaternary conglomerate deposition and implications on fault evolution in the Ojai and Upper Ojai Valleys, Western Transverse Ranges, CA. Southern California Earthquake Center Annual Meeting poster A-128, September, 2011, Palm Springs, CA.

*K.E. McGuire and R.V. Heermance (2011).  Erosion rates from variable grain sizes in the tectonically active California Transverse Ranges using 10BE cosmogenic nuclides, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 43, No. 4, p. 52

* Rohrmann, A., Heermance, R., Kapp, P.A., McCallister, A., (2010)  First quantification of severe wind erosion in yardang fields using cosmogenic 10Be within the western Qaidam Basin, ChinaAGU Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract EP41C-0716.

*Heermance, R. V., McGuire, K., and H. McKay (2010). 10Be dating of fluvial terraces in southern California: success, failure, and the future…, 2009 SCEC Annual Meeting poster 1-113, Palm Springs, CA

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• Heermance, R. V., Shipton, Z. K. & Evans, J. P. (2001), Fault architecture and local Structure at the northern end of the Chelungpu fault, Taiwan, and their relationship to surface displacement from the 9-21-99 earthquake, Eos Trans. AGU 82 (47), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract T32A-0877.



*  American Geophysical Union (1999-present)

*  Geologic Society of America (1998-present)

*  American Assoc. Petroleum Geologists (2001-2006)

*  Royal Geologic Society of Goleta (UCSB geology club), vice president (2003-2004)

*  Seismological Society of America (2003-present)