Department Personnel Post-Tenured Review Committee, February 2009--June2009.

Department Personnel Committee, September 2008--August 2009.

Department Graduate Committee, Chair, August 2007--January 2008.

Department Graduate Committee, August 2003--January 2008.

Department Hiring Committee, Chair, August 2006--May 2007.

MATH262 Coordinator, January 2006--January 2007.

Colloquium Organizer, August 2003--January 2007.


College and University

Faculty Senator, College Representative, 2004--2006.

Graduate Studies Committee, 2004--2005.

University Scholarship Committee, 2005--2009.

Organizer of the 2006 Sigma XI Student Research Symposium.



Co-Organizer of the international workshop on `` Solution Methodologies for Direct and Inverse Scattering Problems: Recent Progress and Trends”, Universite de Pau et des Payes de l'Adour, December 12--14, (2007). URL Address: