CSUN NSF Teaching Fellowship Program Materials

Principal Investigator Professor Kellie Evans (kellie.m.evans@csun.edu)

"In a completely rational society, the best of us would aspire to be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for less, because passing civilization along from one generation to the next ought to be the highest honor and the highest responsibility anyone could have ." -- Lee Iacocca

"For too long, professional development for high school teachers has meant either taking yet another university mathematics course (with no connection to what we teach) or taking a workshop about teaching (with no mathematics in it at all)..." pg. xiii Mathematical Connections, by Al Cuoco.

Workshop Materials

September 25, 2015 Workshop    Curriculum and Instruction Idea, suggested by Teaching Fellow Robert Beltrami. The applet was created by Marc Renault as part of his GeoGebra Calculus Applets project.
August 21, 2015 Workshop    Asking Questions and Making Conjectures, companion website
September 26, 2014 Workshop    Teaching Measures of Variability, presented by Professor Ann Watkins
July 22, 2014 Workshop    Grant Writing
July 17, 2014 Workshop    Motion detector overview, "how to" with problems and demos, and GeoGebra activities
July 15, 2014 Workshop    Make It Stick discussion, technology recommendations, and GeoGebra activities

Working Group Materials

Problem Solving    Problem Solving Resources
Algebra I    Working Group Materials and GeoGebra demos
Geometry    Working Group Materials and GeoGebra demos
Algebra II    Working Group Materials and GeoGebra demos
Calculus    Working Group Materials
Probability and Statistics    Working Group Materials
Financial Mathematics    Working Group Materials

Links and Reference Materials

California Common Core State Standards

GeoGebra, free mathematics software for learning and teaching. Link to GeoGebra's online applet start: click here

Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover, TED talk from March 2010

Spreadsheet of Dan Meyer's Three-Act Math Tasks

The Mathematics that Every Secondary School Math Teacher Needs to Know, Alan Sultan and Alice F. Artzt, published in 2011 by Routledge, New York, NY.

Journey through Genius, by William Dunham, published by Penguin Books, 1990.

Math Open Reference's Introduction to constructions, which includes both animations of the basic straightedge and compass constructions as well as printable step-by-step instruction sheets.

What Is a Radian?, by Roy Peterson via Wisc-Online, a digital library of Web-based learning resources.

Bucky the Badger, a "Three-Act Math Task," by Dan Meyer

The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, created by John O'Connor and Edmund F. Robertson, updated July 2014.

Platonic Solids, with links to nets and visualization applets, from Math Is Fun, which is a free resource.

The Mathematics Genealogy Project, a service of the Department of Mathematics at North Dakota State University.

WolframAlpha: computational knowledge engine, Wolfram|Alpha.

Numb3rs Activity: To Pythagoras and Beyond, (from the TI and NCTM-developed math education activities for teachers and students based on the "NUMB3RS" TV show)

Prime Conjectures and Open Questions, by Chris K. Caldwell (from The Prime Pages prime number research, records, and resources).

Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS), Home Page, June, 2014.

Distributed Search for Fermat Number Divisors

Stereographic Projection Demo, by John M Sullivan, University of Illinois

Iterations and the Mandelbrot Set, by Alexander Bogomolny

The Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set, by Robert L. Devaney, Boston University

The Mandelbrot Set Explorer, by Robert L. Devaney, Boston University

Zooming the Mandelbrot Set, by Barry G. Adams

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