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Ann WatkinsAnn Watkins is Professor of Mathematics at California State University, Northridge and specializes in statistics education. Beginning as co-chair of the joint committee of the American Statistical Association and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Professor Watkins has worked for many years with high school teachers and statisticians to develop materials for teaching statistics and probability in secondary schools and the introductory courses in colleges and to design opportunities for professional development for teachers. In 1999, Professor Watkins was elected a Fellow of the American Statistical Association "for innovative contributions to curriculum and pedagogy; for masterful teaching, and teaching of teachers; and for an extraordinary record of sustained and successful efforts to institutionalize reform in statistics education."

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President (2001-2003) and Second Vice-President (1987-1988), Mathematical Association of America; Associate Editor (1996-2000), American Mathematical Monthly; Co-Editor (1989-1994) and Board of Editors (1984-1989), The College Mathematics Journal; Chair (1997-1999), Advanced Placement Statistics Development Committee and Exam Leader (1998-2010) at AP Statistics readings; Board of Editors (1992-1996), Journal of Statistics Education


Fellow, American Statistical Association; 1994-1995 CSUN Outstanding Professor Award; 1997 CSUN Award for the Advancement of Teaching Effectiveness; 2004 CSUN Extraordinary Service Award

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