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Guides (We thank, listed alphabetically, Melissa Nayar, Meline Pogosjana, Marnie Shapiro, and Sandy Smith for creating these guides).

¨ Bar graph (Mac 2007; Win 2003; Win 2007)

¨ Line Graphs

¨ AB Design (Mac; Win 2003; Win 2007)

¨ ABC Design (Mac; Win 2007)

¨ ABA Design or Withdrawal Design (Mac; Win 2007)

¨ Changing Criterion Design (Mac; Win 2007)

¨ Multiple-Baseline Design (Mac; Win 2007)

¨ Multielement Design (Win 2011; Mac 2011)

¨ Floating Zero Task Analysis (Win 2011)



Resources that can be very helpful for graphing


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How to Make Single-subject Design Graphs Using Excel