FIN 352: Investments I  -   Professor Dow
    Part V. Alternative Investments


Topic  13. Bond Yields and Prices


Quizlet Flash Cards - Bond Prices and Yields

Flash Cards - Bond Prices and Yields (PDF)


The goals for this topic are to learn how yields are related to bond prices, how to calculate bond yields, and how to interpret the term structure of interest rates.  This course will not cover more advanced topics such as duration or convexity; chapter 18 discusses those topics in detail. To learn more about bonds, take FIN 462 - Fixed-Income Investments.

__Reading: Chapter 17, Bond Yields and Prices
__Lecture:  Bond yields and prices
__Lecture: Bond risks and the term structure
__Assignment 16: Finding the Current Term Structure
__Problems: 17-1 to 17-4; 17-6 to 17-10.


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