Institute of Gender, Globalization, and Democracy

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Mission Statement

The Institute of Gender, Globalization & Democracy at California State University, Northridge is part of a larger project started under the auspices of the International Social Science Council.

The purpose of the Institute is to be a part of a network of similar centers and institutes around the world devoted to studying how globalization changes gender-relationships and how and under what conditions globalization and other factors can improve the prospects for democratization, especially for women, both locally and globally. All the Institutes and Centers are dedicated to the proposition that a democracy that does not include the participation of women fully and equally with men is no democracy at all.

The mission of the Institute for Gender, Globalization, and Democracy at California State University, Northridge is to create an environment where students, scholars, activists, and public officials can come together on a continuing basis to address central questions concerning gender, globalization, and democracy on both a local and global basis. Another part of this mission is to network, cooperate, and develop projects with similar centers around the world to share ideas, course materials, faculty, and students.