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Recent Activities of IGGD

IGGD Activities 2013-2014

Conference Presentations

1) In October, 2013, IGGD organized a panel at the International Social Science Council's World Social Science Forum held in Montreal, Canada on "Teaching Gender and Globalization in the Digital Age" with presentations as follows:

2) On May 9-11, 2014, the IGGD organized a panel on "Global Feminist Activism in Los Angeles" as part of the International Feminist Journal of Politics Conference at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Chair: Jane Bayes, California State University, Northridge
Nayereh Tohidi, California State University, Northridge. ("Political Activism in the Iranian Diaspora in Los Angeles and the World")

3) Jane Bayes and Monique Leyenaar from the Netherlands, another member of the Globalization and Gender Network presented papers at the International Political Science Association Meetings in Montreal, Canada July 24-29, 2014. on a panel entitled "Gender Politics and Types of Democracy"

Chair: Monique Leyenaar

Other Activities

4) In March 2014, Jane Bayes attended the UN meeting of NGOs in New York of the Commission on the Status of Women where she researched transnational women's non governmental organizations and their activities and to help meet a commitment to the International Social Science Council that had requested information about transnational women's research networks.

5) On 1 April 2014, the Institute of Gender, Globalization and Democracy organized and hosted a "CSUN Special Event on Sex Trafficking in Los Angeles" with the following community speakers:
Estela DeLosRios Executive Director of CSA, San Diego
Imelda Buncab, Consultant, Anti-Trafficking and Gender Based Violence
Dr. Stephany Powell, Executive Director Mary Magdalene Project and retired LAPD Officer
Ronald Schloegel, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Heng K. Liv, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

6) During the spring semester of 2014, Jane Bayes researched, organized and wrote a grant proposal to the International Social Science Council for a grant for 30,000 euros on gender and sustainability. This project is underway in several countries: (Morocco, Kenya and Sri Lanka, Japan and Korea) with students in those countries under the supervision of IGGD faculty partners gathering information and gender and environmental NGOs and their activities.

7) In May, 2014, IGGD hosted two visiting scholars from Morocco, Fatima Sadiqi and Moha Ennaji, who each presented a talk on "The Consequences of the Arab Spring in North Africa" to a group of scholars from CSUN, UCLA, and UCSB concerned with globalization, gender and democracy at a private home in Los Angeles (CSUN classes were not in session). This event was co-sponsored by the CSUN Center on the Middle East.