Class-List Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my students or I send email to a class list from a non-CSUN email address?
  2. Currently, Class list(s) can only receive email from CSUN email addresses.

  3. Can I modify my class lists to include non-CSUN email addresses?
  4. In the future, you will be able to view and modify these automatically created class lists to include other e-mail addresses, however this is a feature that is not available at this time.

  5. Can I have an auto-generated list which contains the email addresses of select majors, minors, etc.?
  6. At this time automated lists are only being created for classes. It is possible that lists such as those you are requesting for majors, minors, etc. will be created automatically in the future, however those lists are not available at this time.

  7. Do I have to use my class lists or can I create my own class lists?
  8. Faculty members are not required to use the lists that have been provided. If you'd prefer to create your own mailing lists, you can use the campus majordomo list service. Information on this service can be found at

  9. Are these class lists the same as the SOLAR e-mail lists located in the Portal?
  10. These new class lists although similar in function to the SOLAR e-mail lists within the Portal, use a different system, and the two are not tied together at this time.

  11. What happens if students add or drop my course; will they be added to this class list automatically? What happens if I no longer teaching this course?
  12. The list is automatically updated on a weekly basis (until census) to reflect the current enrollment of your class; so there is no need for you to maintain the list. If you are no longer teaching the course for which you have recieved a notification message, do not worry; the class list will automatically be updated with the current professor.