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Ahmad Vessal, Ph.D.
Professor of Systems & Operations Management and Economics

Course Info:

College of Business and Economics


Prerequisite(s): Math 102/103, or 105, or 150A, or 255A.

Course Description
Basic elements of statistics for students in business and economics. Descriptive statistics, elements of probability, probability distributions (including normal), sampling distributions, statistical inference for means and proportions (including estimation and hypothesis testing), simple linear regression and correlation. Applications of these topics in business and economics are emphasized. The course requires assignments in which students are required to explain the results of statistical computations using personal computer software.

SOM 120 - Basic Business Statistics

Office Hours: MW 10 -11 AM, 1-2 PM, F 11:45 AM-12:15 PM or by appointment

Required Text: Essentials of Statistics for Business and Economics, by Anderson, Sweeney and Williams, Revised, 7th ed. 2015. To purchase the book you can visit the link HERE.

Syllabus - MW11AM
Syllabus - MW 2PM
Syllabus - Friday

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