Internet Assignment 1


to familiarize the student with the use of search engines; to encourage the student to begin immediately to seek out interesting and relevant information about mythology.


Using your browser (Netscape, Microsoft Explorer, or other), and using one or more of the "search engines" which are hotlinked below, search the Internet for ten "sites" which contain material of interest for Greek and Roman Mythology. A "site" is not a single page of information; it is a collection of pages in one place. For this assignment, Prof. Adams' materials on his Web site do NOT count (nor the list of sites that he has collected).

While you are searching, take note of, and include in your report, each successful discovery you make by noting its URL (the information beginning http:// )

E-mail the Instructor [ ] a list of the ten mythological sites you discover. In doing the e-mail, please put 'CLAS 315' in the Subject line. Please keep a hard copy printout of your email, just in case something happens to the mail

Your e-mail response must be in my e-mailbox by 8:00 a.m. on Monday of the Fourth Week of Class. In the event that there is a problem with the University computing system, a hard copy printed version of your response should be brought with you and turned in at the Monday class.

One of the criteria for assigning a grade to the assignment will be the UNusualness of the discovery. Do not be content with the obvious, i.e. the first ten things that a search engine presents to you; relevance and content are important too. A cyber-gold-star for things that the Instructor does not know about.








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